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  1. Thank you for your kind words. While i'm not 100% finished, the current world health crisis has put a damper on completing my model. I plan to finish some minor detail work including rope coils and a few touch ups. I also need to do something about the stand. Overall, the model assembly was straight forward; however, the instructions could have been a little more clear and I had to look at other completed models to help understand the the picture directions, especially when it came to rigging. One of the rigging images is miss printed, a kind of offset print, that made one step very unclear. H
  2. Well...all the rigging is finished! Just some paint touch ups and some rope details left to do. I’m happy with how this first model has turned out.
  3. The main mast rigging is complete! Now for the mizze mast, a few paint touch ups, and rigging detail work...time to start looking for another model. Suggestions? I want something challenging, but not out of my league. This Golden Hinde by OcCre is rated a level 2.
  4. Thanks for the kind words about my ship! As far as knot tying...many years ago, while my son was in Boy Scouts, I made a website for the troop which taught knot tying via animated graphics, so I needed to understand each knot very well. As the years passed by, I forgot most of the knots; however, once I looked them up, they started to come back to me. Check out YouTube, they have lots of good demonstrations. Daniel
  5. Thank you for the heads up on the rigging instructions. Your suggestion made the rigging images make a lot more sense. Also thank you for your kind words on the build. It's been a fun project...as I get close to an end on this model, i'm looking for my next. Daniel
  6. Finished the rat lines on the fore mast and permanently install all the masts. Slow steady progress. On another note, I was able to find several images of completed models and printed them out for reference on some of the rigging. I already know I will be making at least one change, I’ll be installing a pulley on a couple of static lines so as not to have another line tied to just the middle off a static line. Similar problem discovered by other builders.
  7. More work completed on the fore mast. Some of the rigging instructions for this model are, well... less than helpful.
  8. Finished the starboard main mast rat lines, permanently mounted the fore mast, and more stationary rigging.
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