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  1. Good evening Alexander, I used a P-Touch label machine with white letters on black tape. I set the machine to the smallest letters it could make, then printed the string IX X XI XII etc. Then I just cut the text out to just around the printed letters, pealed the protective strip away and affixed to the model. Hope this helps.
  2. Finished the steel work on the starboard side and included a video of the propeller in action. IMG_2357.MOV
  3. More rudder work today. I think this should finish up the port side. Tedious work, but I’m happy with the outcome.
  4. Broden, I have experienced similar difficulty learning how to blacken the exact parts you are working on now. For me, I cleaned the metal with the exact Dremel setup you have with a spinning wire brush, then right into the chemical bath. Once the metal turned black (a couple of minutes), I then moved into a water bath to stop the chemical reaction. After a little rinse, I placed on a paper towel to dry. Once dry, I lightly brushed off the "powder" on the metal, leaving a black finish. So far, working well. By the way, nice job on your Terror.
  5. Tonight I’m trying my hand at painting, in miniature scale. This captain is just 22mm tall. I still have some washing to do, but the base coat is down.
  6. Well, chemical blackening is a pain...but the black metal look is very nice. Will probably look better on background that is not black.
  7. Today I’m experimenting with chemical blackening, my first time trying something like this. I hope to hone my skill in this with technique with all the rudder hardware. We shall see...
  8. Well, I had hoped to get more done today, but painting white takes so many coats to look good. Also painted the inside of the bulwark yellow then added a black/grey wash to bring out the details of the wood and nails.
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