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  1. Excellent work!! I ordered the Fifie a few days ago and looking forward to the build! I am getting some great ideas and tips from your build, so thank you for posting the great pictures! Now I have a mentor for my build!!!
  2. I finally got time! Here are a few pics of my Endeavor build! Hope everyone is having a good 2017..Chuck, sorry about them Chargers!
  3. Hi Lacy, Thanks! some pics would be cool! I am currently working on 2nd layer on Endeavour. Here is a lousy picture. The siren rope is outstanding as well as the blocks. Chuck S.! What are You working on? Go Hawks!!
  4. The rattlesnake is on the shelf for now.. Endeavour is so far fun, but I haven't started the hull planking yet. (one plank at a time) lol. Because The Philly was my first real build, I like the larger scale models.
  5. An open question, Endeavour has 3 decks. Instructions say to attach the decks, then plank.. Would it be better to plank then attach? It seems that it would not matter.. Any advice?
  6. Been so busy working!! Anyway, I am going to start a build log on the HMS Endeavour 1/60th scale. This is an Artesania Latina kit i picked up New for 50 bucks at a value village. I also snagged a Brand New Mantua Astrolabe 1812 kit $25 New. Both look pretty cool, and are complete, sealed package etc. I like the larger size, probably because my Philly build was my first, and that is a larger kit as well. Chuck, are you working on anything?
  7. Hi Tom, Nothing done yet. Trying to figure a way to make one. I wonder if model expo has one large enough.
  8. Thanks Chuck! I am experimenting with it, and really liking the results. Also, I finished gunboat Philadelphia with your excellent rope and blocks! Your products made all the difference! Thank You! Steve
  9. Hi Chuck, just wondering if primer was used prior to applying the Mars black? Thanks! Steve
  10. Hey Chuck! Just received today, my New project, Rattlesnake! Nice looking plans, manual and all the parts are in the box. Man, the scale is so much smaller than my Philly build. Have to get new glasses! Anyway, I will read the manual and gear up for the build. Also today I went out and purchased a few tubes of the Winsor & Newton acrylic paint. One each of black and yellow ochre. (colors for the build). Tonite I have been test painting some basswood. I used primer on one, no primer on the other. I mixed the paint 50/50 with distilled water and the results are Excellent. I am up to 6 coat
  11. Funny you should ask Chuck! I ordered the Rattlesnake from model expo (ebay site) and got it basically half price and free shipping. It is actually on route now..Anyway, looks like a nice long build. I am wondering if I should consider a different wood for planking hull and decks. Again, any advise welcome!! Have a Happy New Year!
  12. Here are a few more of the 99% completed Philly. Just adding some crates, barrels, cannon gear and cannon balls. I am actually kinda sad the build is almost over. Thinking of the Rattlesnake to start the year off, but I have to get display case conjured up for the Philly.
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