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  1. Sorry for the delay in updating my build log.... No I am not !!! truth is I have been away on holiday for the last 4 weeks, but now refreshed and regenerated I shall return to the build with some gusto... so here goes again. "Salty Sea Dog" - has I said before thanks for the link to the Model-Expo site for the book and plans by Ronnberg. Sadly with the delayed post from the USA to UK they didn't arrive before the holiday so had to make do with reading Banburek's book on HMS Sherbourne ready for my next build. But now having got them they look very detailed and should provide a very good so
  2. Jay, At your request. This is not a modified set of veneer calipers but a dedicated instrument. Great little tool especially when used on a sheet of glass which ensures that everything is level. I have two pieces of toughened 5 mm x 30 x 45 cm and a very big piece of 7 mm which just about covers my building board which is 1 meter x 50 cm. The height gauge comes from a company here in the UK but you will find them on the web at www.machine-dro.co.uk they are expensive but to my opinion worth their weight. Will try and catch up with the rest of the post in next day or two and upda
  3. Progress report. Fixed the problems with the false keel and core. Buck (Salty Sea Dog) Is there any other way of ensuring that everything is upright and true. I tried with clamping a couple of engineers squares to the pieces on other models but found the 3-2-1 blocks gave a better result and are worth every penny spent on them. At times if I am truthful I think about investing in another couple or four. On wards... Fitted the extension pieces to the bow and stern ends of the false keel core and chamfered the ends once I had pinned them into place. This chamfering is to increase th
  4. Sorry for the delay. Has I said at the start this was in part going to be slow due to my shift work schedule. But I now have 5 days off so with a little bit of luck will get some progress made. (subject to the Captain's Orders and having a break to watch the F1 race at SPA) Onwards... Some days ago I dry fitted all the bulkheads to the Keel piece to make the False Core. All appears to be well. The joints are a little on the tight side, in fact a little too tight when the glue is applied. Progressing they were all glued in and were / are upright and square. I did notice at this time though
  5. Spent most of yesterday evening cutting out the false bulkheads and the false keel parts and tidying up the edges. The first dry fit went well and all is in order for gluing the assembly together. Also spent some of the time coping bulkheads 4 and 7 so that I can make a cradle to sit the part constructed boat into whilst I work out how I will display the model when finished. Cutting out the False Bulkhead and Keel Parts - Proxxon Saw at the ready - (school boy error !!! watch is still on wrist... where is the Health and Safety Man when you need him) The False Keel and Bulkhe
  6. Looks like I have some avid "Whaleboat" watchers on here. I will try not to disappoint. First the admin to answer some of the points above in no particular order. Great Galleons ; no sadly the kit does not come with instructions for davits or boat cranes. This is an idea I had thought of myself as a way to display the finished model being as the keel will be on the thin side and not much room to get screws or nuts and bolts in, to secure to a plinth with pedestals in the traditional fashion. Sadly there is not even a stand supplied with the kit so one of the first tasks is to build one alo
  7. "Welcome to the 21st Century..." That's what my son said when i told him of my intention to start a builder's log for my next project. Well here it is, and here we go !! Kicking and screaming and all that stuff.... This will hopefully be my build log for Amati's New Bedford Whaleboat. 1/16th scale with a few modifications ad changes of materials to make the finished product a little better that the standard kit. But a word of warning before I start. It will not be quick and the updates may be a little spasmodic due my shift workings and my desire to concentrate on the building rather t
  8. Might a make a suggestion for the fabric. Try using "cotton lawn" this is available from http://www.craftycomputerpaper.co.uk and comes in A4 size sheets which due to their paper backing will go into any standard computer printer... all you need now is a scaled image of the flag or ensign you wish to print. The same material can also be used to make sails.Simply copy the plans to a computer art drawing program (I use Photoshop) re-scale if required; change the colours from black lines to a suitable brown shade and all the reef bands and cloth lines are ready to print. But please be aware the
  9. Sephirem, You could also try a very small amount of cyanoacrylate (super glue) on the last 1 cm (1/2 inch) of the rope. This also helps and makes threading blocks etc much easier. Just be sure to cut the rope nice and tight to the knot once it is laid up. I tried the heat gun method some years back but all you end up with is a globule of melted material at the end which is extremely hard to thread through blocks etc. Incidentally Allan's suggestion of running bees wax across all lines is very well founded. Most importantly it lays all the very fine fibers down which would otherwise attrac
  10. Jim L, I will be following your build with anticipation. The cross section Echo project is one I was following on MSW before the crash. It is a project i would sincerely like to have a go at but feel my budget would not run to some of the expensive machine tools required. I shall continue to watch and learn... then one day !
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