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  1. Hi Galen, If your worried about brush strokes you could try using a foam brush. I had issues with the white as the black tends to bleed through so I just used a lot of white. I mostly used Acrylic on mine. Tip though I would paint the inside before getting to far into the deck going in. I forgot to do that on mine. After copper painting I had to varnish or else the paint on mine kept rubbing off.
  2. Welcome Derek, Nice going so far. As mentioned you'll find a lot of help here. Good luck!
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies, and information provided. I've gotten some rope and been practicing different knots so helpful to learn what I need to start with and then to learn about later.
  4. Forgive me if this is posted somewhere as I've searched and didn't see anything listed. If someone can provide a link if already talked about that would be great. I love ship building, it's fun. I admit I'm not that good with knowing all the lingo on all the parts, but it's about the joy of learning. This could be a noob question sure, but if not asked I will never know and maybe other's can benift. The ships I build I never finish as I tend to stop at the rigging, more so as it can be intimidating, but there is also other problems I run into. I know how to tie a basic shoelace knot and that is part of a big problem, in which I would love to learn how to tie other knots. My question being, what knots are commonly used in tieing blocks/masts/deadeyes and such. Is it just one common knot used for most or good to utilize other knots, or just whatever I find that works, just do it? Thanks for any feedback!
  5. Looking good. I remember when I started the build of her. I haven't completly finished it as I hate rigging but giving me some ideas of things I can go back on and redo.
  6. Coming along pretty good, keep at it. The hard work soon pays off.
  7. Nice job so far! I remember the planking, and still have nightmares. Just take your time and if you don't have a bender, or steam bender I soaked mine in some hot water for a few to help with bending. Nightware came from the fact that they leave you thick lumber to plank with.
  8. Ah this brings back memories. This was my first build. Since I've got to say compared to some of the other AL kits I've put together the book with pictures and instructions are realitively nice. Good luck on her! Look forward to seeing the progress.
  9. Haha funny post. Definately interesting to think about the life of an emot.
  10. Tilt the ship to the side and dry fit the gun ports in there respective positions. See if you like how they look. If it looks good glue them in place. Proper or not, it is your ship and can do with what you like. I didn't find anything wrong with doing mine that way and actually thing it turned out nice. Besides kept me from carving out the holes which I know you don't wanna do.
  11. Just do what I did with the gun ports.. Glue them directly to the Hull. unless your going to have them open none will be the wiser.
  12. I haven't seen much on the RC side of things, but wow that sure is one beautiful build.
  13. I buy AL because of the price I can afford. The wood I've not had problems with the directions at times are laking but its a reason for me to learn more by research. If I wanted it easy I'd find me a paint by number kit. I still have some velvet paint by number pictures around here someplace.
  14. I'm glade the gun ports worked out. Ships looking amazing. Making me think I need to go back and add some more details on mine.

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