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  1. More pcs from last night and today... now if I could figure out how to get the pics to attach in the correct order since the order I select them makes no difference. Oh well, that is for another day.
  2. Hello all. I am new to the forum and getting back into ship models after about a 13 year hiatus. I am starting out small and relearning the proper way to build a ship rater than what I have done previously (although those did not turn out to bad). Got this kit as a Christmas gift and have made a bit of progress. I think I will work on getting the hull of this kayak about as smooth as I can get it since believe the full size versions are fiber glassed over any wood to seal them. Previously I have build he Swift, Lobster Smack and Constellation (AL, Midwest, and AL respectively) although the Constellation is still waiting on the rigging for the main and mizzen masts... for 12 years.
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