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  1. Continuing on with Deck Furnishing this week. Starting to come together... Next up is the Aft House. This should be very interesting 🤔
  2. The Try Works is up next. I printed out HO scale bricks on card stock, cut them out and placed them using CA Glue. Built the base from wood and wrapped the sides and back with wood planks. Painted the Try Works out and placed it with the workbench.
  3. Started modifying the vintage metal parts this week. Filed smooth the poor etchings. pasted on card stock windows Added wood trim and metal bars added additional window sills and wood workbench top painting my new favorite color Yellow Orche. Stained the workbench top Early American, what else? I call it “Micro Carpentry” from home. Stay in and Stay Safe.
  4. Excellent work, I am just starting the deck furniture on my vintage CWM. I laid out my lead parts on the deck and am in the process of deciding how much scratch build will be involved. I’m not happy with the look of the vintage parts. Your work is a great inspiration for me. Looking forward to your build log entries. Keep up the good work. 👍
  5. Ok... That was a good change, now back to working on the hull, before I get sidetracked and my Vikings are ready with no ship to row. LOL 😂
  6. So... the planking didn’t go as I thought. The problem was the inside of the hull didn’t look right with the solid hull. So I had to blow it out. The hull now needs some extensive repair but I think it is worth saving. My kit just became a scratch build.
  7. Started planking the Viking today. Soaked the cut pieces in Ammonia Water over night. Started planking at the keel with over lapping planks. I first extended the keel at both the bow and stern. Here is a photo of the type Viking ship I’m going for... It’s a bit different than the original kit. Finished the half hull today. Truly a new experience for me. Not without its challenges... Latter...
  8. cut top rail to add channels on both sides installed channels with drilled holes First coat of paint on Sheers and Toprail. Progress! Not that this sort of thing can be rushed. 🤣
  9. Thanks Cathead... Got lumber in today and built a home grown steam box. This ones going to be a lot of fun, particularly with the curved planking. Should be an experience. Still working on my Charles W Morgan right now, but will probably multitask construction of both. Wish me luck...
  10. After finishing up Yacht America and setting up the Viking Ship, I got back to the Charles W Morgan this week. Looks like we are all going to have a bit more time this year beyond winter to stay busy in our shops. Please everybody stay safe and stay home. 👍 Thought I would work on exterior hull work before continuing with the deck furniture. Bow molding became a challenge, as I discovered I needed to realign previously installed sheer molding and main rail to align with the bow properly. That’s what we call a learning curve, right. Everything can be reworked. We just don’t want to do that but, that’s how we learn and grow with this hobby. I’ll finish the painting later. Moving on to the stern... Ordered 1/8” stars from a supplier of military medals 🎖 They worked great. Printed out a paper decal and used clear fabric glue to decoupage it into place. Moving on to Channels for Deadeye Chainplate to anchor shrouds. My fist attempt was not bad, but as with most things I wanted to improve things a bit before moving on. Decided to replace the vintage parts with their contemporary counter parts. As usual the rework was an improvement. Moving on to the rest of the Channels. 👍
  11. Another Marine Model Company Kit. I just can’t resist rescuing unfinished kits I find on eBay. I intend to enhance this kit with planking and Viking Oarsmen. I am researching the Gokstad ship as a guide for my enhancement. Should be fun.

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