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    Became interested in tall ship modeling when we moved to Maine from California and visited the Maine Coast Line. Explored the wonderful Maritime Museums here in Maine with a great history of ship building. Love exploring all of the New England searching out wonderful local sites and history.

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  1. I’m Back, Finished The New Bedford Whaleboat and ready to focus on The Main Lobster Boat. Two things I intend to do differently with this kit. 1. Modify the engine compartment. 2. Build out the interior of the forward cabin. Neither of which have I seen done with these kits. My research has turned up two things I did not know Mainers built with Lobster Boats. Racing Lobster Boats and Lobster Boat Yachts. Wish me luck… Framing the Lobster Boat. No laser cut pieces in this kit. Bulk head pieces were all hand cut, back in the day. Two halves are glued
  2. Tom, Nice job on the furled sail. Is it the same three layers of materials as the full sails. All of the sails are looking great 👍
  3. Mounted for display. Thank you all for your comments and encouragement over the past 11 months. Captains log shows 207 hours invested to completion. Onwards… 🍻
  4. Wow! Now that’s a boat load of gear. I cannot imagine how they managed to survive, much less bring in a Sperm Whale. This Boat is Finished! This build was a lot fun, as well as challenging. I Loved the detail this kit offered and the flexibility to get as obsessed as I wanted to be. Great kit with excellent instruction. All that’s left is mounting her in a display case and enjoy. 😎
  5. Bolt rope hand sewn to the sail. I finally found a color mix I was satisfied with. Needed a bit of yellow ochre to give it a dirty Manila Rope look. 👌 Thin enough to soak into the rope but not bleed on to the sail. Soaked the sail down a third time with fabric stiffener. Trying to drape the sail so it looks set but flapping (luffing) in to the wind. 😆 Shrouds spliced and seized at the top of the mast. Thanks Mike, got that peg in the right direction. 👍 Eyelets also seized on the ends. Lany
  6. oh! Don’t think for one minute the first version is shown here. The key is lots of practice runs and Sloth 🦥 mode on the sewing machine. 😆
  7. Stitching the Sail... Raided the wife’s sewing room, disappearing ink. Who knew? Ironing the seams... Gluing down the folded seam... Marking one at a time and repeat folding ironing and glueing. Set up the wife’s sewing machine for 1/16th inch Zig Zag stitch. She said WHAT? Lots of practice runs on spare material. Also needed the machine to stitch in slow-mo. 😆 YES! TEDIOUS PAINFULLY SO... Perseverance, pays off.
  8. Completed all tubs, casks and buckets. Used Early American stain and a coat of Varathane Clear Satin. Used Testors Striping tape for copper bands and painted them black. cheers 🍻
  9. Oh yes... The book suggest Acrylic Burnt Umber and water, and perhaps a bit of raw sienna. Sounds like a recipe for for realism. 👍 I might throw in a touch of weathered look, a throw back to model railroading. 😆 BTW... Have I mentioned how great the instructions are with this kit? Onwards 😎
  10. Worked on finishing the Line tubs today. After gluing on the quarter panels I used a needle file to carve the barrel stays into the sides of the line tubs. Drilled holes to install rope handles and Stained the wood... Installing whale line, I used Aleenes Tacky Fabric Glue. Fabric glue looks horrible going on but it does soak in and dries clear. Line Tubs finished. I am thinking 🤔 this rope needs to be stained. Not sure what to use, needs not be so shiny. 😎 Also ran
  11. Finished up Oars today... I tried something new and used Testors striping tape sealed with CA glue to paint stripes on the oars. Works quite nicely. 😎 Started building the tubs, casks and buckets. The laser cut materials provided in the kit was short 1/4 of the large line tub stays. Fortunately, my lumber yard had some raw materials. 😆 Soaked one side of the barrel stays with water to allow them to bend. Held in place with rubber bands until set. I’ll trim up for a
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