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    Became interested in tall ship modeling when we moved to Maine from California and visited the Maine Coast Line. Explored the wonderful Maritime Museums here in Maine with a great history of ship building. Love exploring all of the New England searching out wonderful local sites and history. Currently building The Bowdoin by Laughing Whale.

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  1. Fore Bit… Cutting out of 1/16 stock… shaping fore bit… Test fit some finer sanding before paint. Fore Bit in place… Chain Stops, not in the kit or on the plans… Photo from actual Bowdoin restoration. Scratch built the Chain Stops… Anchor Cranes not detailed on plans. Photo from actual Bowdoin restoration. Anchor Cleats… Scratch built Anchor Cranes Anchors lashed up on the deck complete with Chains. Chains not included in kit plans. @Jond Thanks for the above Bowdoin restoration photos in your build log. Great research 🧐 BTW… I was able to see your model/diorama in Booth Bay this summer. Nice! 👍
  2. More bits and pieces… Cutting out the wheel house. Wheel house ready for paint. First coat of paint. Engine exhaust pipe installed. Used brass eyelet for tailpipe. Painted black. White wheel house and storage boxes. Prepping wheel for paint. Wood look… 😆 Stemhead eye for jib stay…. I will be painting this black. Wheel house in place… Storage box added brass wire handles. Wood pads for Windless. Windless in place. Progress today. Cheers 🍻
  3. The Skylight… Instruction taken from drawing. 😆 House from 1/32nd sheet stock. Mahogany cut from templates… Blackout mahogany… Bass Wood frame to be left natural. 1/32 x 1/16 stock cut for grid… Tried drilling holes had to file instead. Hand filed for fit over bars. CA glued… Skylight completed, stained and placed on deck. 😎 Deck furnishing coming right along. Cheers 🍻
  4. It’s a great hobby! It requires persistence, patience and continued learning and practice. I joined in 2020 and have learned so much. Nautical Research Guild is a great resource of information. Glad to have you aboard. Cheers 🍻
  5. I have finally come to a point where I can start using those parts I cut out with templates back in July. No pre cut or laser cut parts in this kit. Hull complete and mounted… Main Deck House… Cut in railings with file… Two Main Deck House Railings… Ready for assembly and Paint… Thought I would leave the railings natural… One coat of paint, once this sets I will sand and fill any defects. 😆. still need the brass portholes and doors. Cheers 🍻
  6. Chainplate and lower Deadeyes… Flatten file flat/square and drill holes for pins to mount the chainplate. Starboard chainplate installed with lower Deadeyes. Progress 🍻
  7. Wow! She is beautiful! Your work has been an inspiration. Looking forward to seeing your building of the Charles W Morgan. Congratulations on finishing. 👍
  8. Peak and Throat Halyards corrected. Lobster Trap and Buoy completed. Done… FINISHED. 😎 This has been a fun and interesting kit to build. Another vintage Maine model rescued and completed from the resale world. I brought her back to Maine we’re she should be. Cheers 🍻
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