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    Born in Illinois, Served in USAF, Worked in California Telephone Companies and Retired in Maine 2016. Started modeling ships in retirement. Completed 1/96 scale Revell Cutty Sark In 2018 and USS Constitution early 2020. Built Viking Ship by Marine Model Company and 1/96 scale Yacht America by Bluejacket so far this year. Working on The Charles W. Morgan by Marine Model Company a vintage kit 1/76 scale and Model Shipways New Bedford Whaleboat 1/16 scale. Waiting on the shelf are The Maine Lobster Boat 1/16 scale by Laughing Whale,  Peterboro Canoe 1/12 scale by Midwest, Chesapeake 17 Kayak 1/12 scale by Midwest, Bluenose 1/96 scale by Bluejacket, Elsie 1/96 scale by Model Shipways and the Bowdoin 1/48 scale by Laughing Whale. All vintage kits purchased on eBay. Six total in my current stash of which I wish to complete before they end up in my estate sale. Always on the lookout for the deal to stay ahead of this hobby of mine. 

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  1. Finishing my New Bedford Whaleboat. Then I am looking at a Maine Lobster Boat by Laughing Whale. Should be great fun 🤩 Building a Display case for the Morgan as we speak. This hobby just never stops. 🍻
  2. Thanks your encouragement along the way has been great. Looking forward to watching you complete your Leopard. Plans for the CWM are being packed up for your next build. Note: I did find something else to add to the Morgan. Flags! She can’t sail without flags! Maybe just the Pendant up top, since she doesn’t have sails. There’s that OCD kicking in again. 😆
  3. All Whaleboats sitting on their Back Spars. Just a few loose ends to tie up. More rope coils... She is done! 13 Months, 628 hours. I have completed my fist Wood Ship Model, the Charles W. Morgan. Hard to believe it’s actually finished. A little over a year ago I looked this big of box sticks, took a deep breath and committed to the journey. What a fun ride it’s been. Thanks to MSW and all of the inspirational 👍 and comments a long t
  4. Cutting Stage progress. Very interesting process, dressing out a whale at sea. Note the sharks circling as the crew works on the extended planking of the rolling whaling ship. 😬 Built the railing with beading eyelets and 1/16 dowel rod. Cutting Stage completed. On to hanging Whaleboats. 😎
  5. Thanks Tom... That’s my goal is to make it as realistic as I can. I love the way an iPhone camera can get in there and be on deck. Thanks for the compliments it’s really almost there. 😆
  6. Thanks Tom... (both of you) I have used Tacky Fabric glue and CA on knots. Mixed results with both. I’ll give this a try. Nice to lean from the Pros. 🧐 I do paint hulls and masts with Acrylics this stuff may help the flow there too. John
  7. Tom, Is this Liquitex the medium for acrylic paints? Thanks
  8. Great job Tom. 👍 I like your process looks really good. I got to say I liked ratline tying better myself, but then I sewed my bolt ropes on cloth sails. Looks like silk span and gluing on bolt ropes is the way to go.
  9. Details progressing... building oars... hammering out harpoon tips... Finishing harpoons... Mast and spars wrapped in sails... outfitted and ready to go Whale hunting... Spare oars stowed on deck with spare boats. Details, details and more details. On to finishing up the Rope coils and we will be hanging those whaleboats as the final touch. 😎 Note to self: Don’t forget the cutting stage. 😆
  10. Lester, Thanks for your offer of info on the Morgan. I’ll be back here to finish up the Whaleboat as soon as I complete my CWM. Running Rigging is Completed on the Morgan. I am currently detailing the MinniMe Whaleboats. I am curious, did she come to mystic in 1941 with white or yellow ochre bulwarks? Thanks for the email address, I’ll let you know if I have any questions as I finish out the MS Whaleboat. 🍻
  11. The jig works great, the idea came from Bluejacket’s Monthly News and Tips. They are a great resource... https://myemail.constantcontact.com/News--tips--and-happenings-from-BlueJacket-Shipcrafters--Inc-.html?soid=1105166336677&aid=FkQLg7D1VQM
  12. Tom, I will be following your process closely. I have a pair of schooners I want to configure with full bellowing sails as when they raced. (Elsie and Bluenose) I wasn’t able to get the effect on the America I built last year. I am looking forward to watching you bring these sails to life. What weight paper and silk span are you using? Keep up the good work time is irrelevant with this hobby, we are in it for life. 👍
  13. Tom, You are so right! There is always more details to add or correct. Every time I go to the drawings I find more. That’s Ok, it feeds my OCD and my wife says it keeps out of trouble. However, I will finish, as that is the exciting part. Not to mention the 10 model kits on my shelf that are saying, Pick me... Pick me. 😂 Great Hobby Indeed! 🍻
  14. Work has progressed here on the final details. jig for rope coils Details... Line tubs of the Gallis Roofing Whaleboat rudders hand cut. Painted and rigged. Line tubs and rigging in the Whaleboats. On to oars, harpoons, masts and spars wrapped in sail cloth stored on the Whaleboat decks. Oh, and many more rope coils. Details so... many details. Almost done 😅
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