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  1. Progress on Gallis Frame re-construction and Fore Shroud alignment. Narrowed up the Gallis Frames by shaving them to the correct width. Aligned the first two shrouds over the rear of the Fore Mast platform. completed two Backstays to properly align the Fore Mast. Then completed the three forward shrouds. On to Bobstays and Martingale Chains to stabilize the Bowsprit and Jib Boom for the Fore Stays. Stay Safe out there... John 😎
  2. Voyageur, Trust me the Gallis Frames are equally spaced. I’m sure once the other frames are narrowed it will look right. I will trim the frames on both sides equally to ensure they stay equally spaced. Thanks for your observation. Keeps my OCD alive. 😎
  3. Shroud mis-alignment not fare with the Gallis Frame turned out to be a combination of two issues. 1. I had the Gallis Frame over scale and much too wide. 2. The Fourth Shroud was also tied too forward of center on the Fore Mast and is better fitted to the rear of the Fore Mast. I’m now in the process of correcting the width of all of the Gallis Frames and re-rigging the Fore Mast Lower Shrouds. Wanted to share my solution and thank both Voyageur and Bob Cleet for their input. As they say “it takes a village”. Glad I found this site, the support on here is great. 👍 Latter...
  4. Bob, Thanks for your historical perspective, I knew you would have some knowledge around this subject. I also knew the Deadeyes could not stay that way, it just didn’t seem right. I went back to The Charles W Morgan by John Leavitt published by the Mystic Museum and found this 1916 photo of her in dry dock for repairs. An up close look shows the forward Gallis roofing in place and the shrouds aligned on either side of the frame that extends through the shroud. Looks like I’ll need to reconstruct the Shroud Channel and the Gallis Frame to correct the alignment. Bottom line it looks like she had the forward Gallis roofing in her last days at sea.
  5. Upon another review of the plans. See photo... The Gallis Frames appear to be built correctly. However, I have noticed that the Mystic CWM does not have Gallis Roof over the Try Works on the forward deck. The 1939 drawings definitely show the Gallis Roof on the forward deck over the Try Works. See photo... This is the only Gallis Frame that interferes with the Fore Mast Shrouds. So I have noticed the fact that there was no roofing over the Try Works on other Models of the CWM. However, I would like to keep the roofing over the Try Works, if that is a historically correct feature. I can rebuild the Gallis Frame to lean inboard more and eliminate the interference with the shroud. Thanks again Voyageur for Your attention to the details, it was helpful. Now I need someone to let me know where this roofing fits in the CWM history. Bob Cleek, Do you have any historical input on this? 😎
  6. Voyageur, Thanks for your photo. I know finding an appropriate reference is difficult. The Gallis frames are not in the photo. As I look at your photo it confirms for me that I may not have curved the Gallis frames inboard enough. It looks like I may need to revisit the Gallis frame construction. Thanks for your input, sometimes it takes a village to see these things from different angles. 👍 I’ll let you know what I come up with.
  7. Completed the upper most Fore Shrouds last night. I must say vary tedious. That’s a good thing. 😆 Photos of how they turned out. Did some research as I get ready for rat lines and found they I may have installed the lower Deadeyes a bit short. Photo from Charles W Morgan .com shows these Deadeyes higher than they are on my plans. Here is what I have now. Hate to say this by I think a redo of the lower shrouds is in order. I guess that’s part of my OCD. I have time, I would just as soon get it right.
  8. Thanks for the info ClipperFan. I was a bit confused by the transom metal part having windows while the 1939 drawings that came with the kit showed no windows. Every step in building this kit has been a decision between what is On the plans, in the history books and other kits. She obviously underwent many changes as she sailed the seas Throughout her whaling career. Thank you for your comments and encouragement on my progress. I hope to create a replica of her sailing the whaling grounds more so than her current restored appearance in Mystic. Of course that’s all matter of opinion, I just enjoy the process. Cheers 🍻
  9. Continuing work on the shrouds. Progress is slow, but I am growing more skillful at rigging the Shrouds and Deadeyes. This pair of Shrouds only took 2 hours. 😆 Deadeyes are getting smaller as I move up the masts. Needing the mag light for everything. 🧐 Steady as she goes... 😎
  10. David, Yes I have been referencing that site also. The Marine Model Kit uses 1939 plans that don’t exactly match up with how she sits today. Hopefully, I came make her appear as she did at the end of her whaling career. Any tips or advice you have is greatly appreciated. John
  11. Thanks David... I do like the vintage kits. This one has a lot of detailed metal parts, although there is some controversy around how long these Lead parts may last. The metal parts are better than having to build many parts, such as cross trees, Davits, etc... from scratch. At this scale those would be difficult. I did a custom mix of acrylic ochre and white to get the yellow where I wanted it. I used photos from my visit aboard the CWM last summer to match up the color. Wish I had taken more pictures of rigging aloft. I also reference your MS CWM build log a lot, it’s been very helpful. Thanks again for your comments, very encouraging. I still have a ways to go. Onward... John
  12. Fore Mast Lower Shrouds completed. Had some difficulty working around the Gallis Framing. However I did persevere rigging the Deadeyes. Lots of Deadeyes and Shrouds to go.... 😆
  13. The crew were purchased from an eBay seller in Russia. I special ordered additional oarsmen. I also did a lot of additional detail work, such as planking that was not part of the original kit. Thanks for your compliments.
  14. Standing rigging is officially started. Two pair of Fore Mast Lower Shrouds installed. This too shall be very time consuming. It’s all good, I do need something to fill my evenings. Cheers 🍻

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