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    Born in Illinois, Served in USAF, Worked in California Telephone Companies and Retired in Maine 2016. Started modeling ships in retirement. Completed 1/96 scale Revell Cutty Sark In 2018 and USS Constitution early 2020. Built Viking Ship by Marine Model Company and 1/96 scale Yacht America by Bluejacket so far this year. Working on The Charles W. Morgan by Marine Model Company a vintage kit 1/76 scale and Model Shipways New Bedford Whaleboat 1/16 scale. Waiting on the shelf are The Maine Lobster Boat 1/16 scale by Laughing Whale,  Peterboro Canoe 1/12 scale by Midwest, Chesapeake 17 Kayak 1/12 scale by Midwest, Bluenose 1/96 scale by Bluejacket, Elsie 1/96 scale by Model Shipways and the Bowdoin 1/48 scale by Laughing Whale. All vintage kits purchased on eBay. Six total in my current stash of which I wish to complete before they end up in my estate sale. Always on the lookout for the deal to stay ahead of this hobby of mine. 

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  1. With the beveling of the stem and stern posts completed, it’s on to the final painting of the hull. Once I was satisfied with the detail and I gave everything another coat of black, white and ochre acrylic, I sealed the finish with Varathane water based polyurethane (crystal clear satin) I must say, I am pretty satisfied with the outcome. According to the instructions “I have met the most difficult challenges of this project, and what remains is relatively simple”. LOL 😂 What remains is a whole lot of deta
  2. Fitted remaining knees with laminated 1/32” x 1/16” strips. Thwarts completed with knees and pads. Micro carpentry work on the Bow Box. Finished the Bow planking and painted. Carved and shaped Bow Chocks. Glued Bow Chocks in place top of Gunwale and Cheek Pieces. Final sanding in place. Bow Joinerwork completed and ready for paint. Next up Stem and Stern Post beveling. Onwar
  3. Making some progress on the Whaleboat. Thought I would give you all an update. Carefully shaped and Installed Thwarts to fit tight to the hull. Shaped and mounted the Thigh Board. Cut and laid out the planking for the Cuddy. Mounted the Lion’s Tongue. Nailed the Cuddy planking in place. Painted the Cuddy and Thigh Board. Close up of Cuddy. Laid out filler blocks for the Thwart Knees. Very tedious micro carpentry with an Xacto Kni
  4. Congratulations on your milestone, we celebrate them all. 🍻 She is looking really good Tom 👍
  5. That’s ok... She will still be there for you to finish when you get moved and settled in. Don’t give up the ship, these things take time. You’ll get there. Thanks for checking in on me and your kind words. I just keep plugging away... 🍻 Cheers 🍻
  6. Don’t we all... Us engineers that is. LOL 😆 Good pre-staging of the process always the best way to go. 👍
  7. First step in running rigging on a Whaler, “Cut in” Tackle. Many thanks to David Lesters MS Build of the CWM, my vintage kit does not show any of this important rigging. Created the Tail Hook and Blubber Hook. Then rigged up the blocks for the cut in tackle. Needed patina the brass and copper pieces. Soaked the parts in a white vinegar. Let these parts stand covered next to open ammonia. The fumes of the ammonia will patina most anything. Cut in Tackle complete.
  8. Standing Rigging Completed. Fore Stays, Back Stays, Bow Sprit, Shrouds, Battens, Ratlines. What a long strange road it’s been. Onward, to Yard Arms and Running Rigging. The fun never ends. 😆
  9. BTW... Inspiration for my mini me whaleboats is coming from my MS New Bedford Whaleboat build. Please come follow this build. I can use all the encouragement I can get. 😉
  10. Thank you Tom... I agree we can be a bit too critical of our own work. I believe that’s what drives us to the next level. I always feel it could be a bit better. It’s OCD without the CD. obsessed... 😆 I do appreciate you. As well as all who are giving me a 👍 along the way.
  11. Lashing of battens completed on the starboard side. I started working on the whaleboats. This kit supplied metal whaleboats requiring someone detailing. I need a break now and then from tying ratlines and lashing battens. I’m sure you all know what I mean. 😆 I started with. 1/32 strips to recreate the ceilings and sheers. A bit of micro carpentry required for seating. Micro oars are in the works. I think this will do, only four more of these mini me’s to do.
  12. Progressing on the Battens and ratlines. Aligning extended battens. Filled in the shorter battens glueing them in place for lashing. Foremast shrouds and upper ratlines completed. Battens in place on the Main and Mizzen Shrouds. Now to complete the lashing and upper shroud ratlines. Onward 😎
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