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  1. I have to say that is some beautiful work you have done! It's really looking fantastic!
  2. Hi, Brenticus. Your ship looks great. I am currently working on the same model and I'm actually glad to see that I am not the only one who had trouble putting this ship together. It seems like almost every piece does not fit and I've had to do a lot of sanding and carving to make things work. Job well done! Cheers, Karen
  3. Michiel, I haven't started building yet. I have just started my very first model ever. The Jolly Roger. It's nothing spectacular, but I'm a newbie and practice makes perfect, right? However, I do hope to get to your level of actual building models. What you have done is spectacular! I actually have bought a Minicraft Titanic 1:350 and want to install LEDs as I am putting it together. The LEDs is what actually led me to this post. I have been trying to get some ideas on how to install, what size LEDs, on/off switches, etc. Great job! Karen
  4. Michiel, I am very impressed by your work! It's a beautiful ship! You've done a fantastic job! Karen
  5. Michiel, I have recently been bitten by the model bug and I came across this post. I saw the pictures where you installed the lights inside the cabin and various other places on the ship. I thought it looked absolutely great. You did a wonderful job. I was wondering could you tell me what model that was, please? Thanks, Karen
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