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  1. This is accumulated progress during quite some months. Putting all the treenails was quite a job. I ll try to post a bit more.
  2. Slowly moving towards full treenailing on port side. Two new ports added as well and the final row of timbers. Still 4 more small ports to add on this side. Afterwards I ll turn her around and continue on that side.
  3. Here's the full process. Hope you'll find is instructive. The final step involves line seed oil. It cleans the fine dust and brings the detail out. Enjoy the evening
  4. As you can see the density of nails is about three timed higher in the upper parts as below. I decided the density in the upper part is what it should actually be so at the moment I am about to add hundreds more.... any opinions?
  5. Some more finishing on the planking. Probably easier to do this before the decorations of the galley. Those two parts with no nails are to be ports. But I'll wait with cutting them until the deck behind is in place to have them properly aligned.
  6. Far from finished carvings but it's a start in working a bit on the ship again. New house, new job, children....
  7. Have a look here for you own 3d printing: https://i.materialise.com/en they print over 20 materials and have a list of not to complicated free programs to make you own designs. You can just upload you file. They print and send it to you. I printed my gun barrels there including the VOC logo and dolphins. I made the design of the barrel myself. A lighting cover should not be too difficult. I guess some may think 3d printing is not ship modeling but, when you are building a kit and replacing some part by improved prints that are at the moment still just beyond your skill level I don't see a problem. For me I could turn one of those barrels but by number 4 I get bored with the repetitive job. All the other carving I do by hand though.. Hope it helps, Michiel
  8. just try, it is not so difficult. The carving of faces on 4x5 mm is much more challenging nailfiles are also vey usefull tools
  9. I fear I don't have any how to pictures ... but I guess you get the picture. Start with a piece of stock that is the size you need file the top shape and narrowing in the middel between the top and bottom plate. then very small drills very small files etc...
  10. the first page has the link to led.de where I got mine. I can't find the super small ones there any more. If you want to go < 3mm best use ones that come with wires attached for instance https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/C0603R-20pcs-Pre-soldered-micro-0-1mm-Copper-Wired-RED-SMD-Led-0603-NEW/32386778032.html http://www.digitrains.co.uk/ecommerce/electronics/leds/nanolight-micro-led-bicolour-red---white---6-pack.aspx http://www.expressmodels.co.uk/acatalog/WHITE_LEDs.html etc... edit: sorry I only read half. you will not find the covers online... ;-) let me look up the link
  11. Hi Ken, lovely build. Just one thing I don't really get, maybe it's perspective but it looks as if your deck, in particular the line the hatch covers follow, is convex. Which would make a lot of sense on many ships but not if you want to stack containers on top of them. cheers, Michiel
  12. Nice... Did you consider putting lights in? It seems you don't plan tom but it may still be early enough ;-) cheers,
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