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  1. Painting of the hull is finished. I used Tamiya acrylic paints and an airbrush Badger 100 LG.
  2. Thanks Keith, I did use a fine nosed plier, bend the brass wire around 0.5mm drill and pressed tight, cut again with a fine side cutter. I wish you a happy new year.
  3. Some progress. Applied sanding sealer and primer. Waterway, hawse holes and bulwark stanchions are fitted.
  4. Ah, sorry. It was at "Segelschiffsmodellbau" and you did not mentioned any ship.
  5. Herr Falck, thanks for the picture. I can't see your first message, if I'm not wrong you named a ship in it.
  6. Hey Jan, thank you very much for the Photos, valuable Information there. I think I may add them to my FlickR album of Loreley. Exactly, they do like deadeyes with a cover on them. From the beginning I did have doubts. It's interesting that there are so many pictures none of them having a clear view of the deadeyes.
  7. Keit, there is no problem of criticising. You are right asking this. From the beginning I did have doubts and I do still have. I've drawn them as deadeyes (with reservation) to finish the drawings. At that time I didn't asked this here at MSW, which I'm doing now. Thanks for your wishes.
  8. Keith, all the Information I used is here. (There are pages 1-2 ) https://www.flickr.com/photos/ilhan_gokcay/albums/72157640009407453
  9. Still have problems to identfy these. Are these deadeyes or rigging screws ?
  10. Thanks Druxey. No its not, it breaks easily at a strong hit. But I found it easy to let it cut by laser rather than cutting myself a 1 mm thick brass. I can cut brass but I overestimated cutting a big part of 1 mm brass. It's okey when I take care. Even after a few breaks. 😉
  11. Housings for the ventilators (brass tube) and channels (0.5 mm brass).
  12. I'm almost finished with the drawings. But I do still encounter questions. Any idea what this can be ?? A lamp or ? here is only this side view.
  13. Hey Vince hello, I hope you are well.
    Referring to my drawings I have two more points which I'm uncertain and would ask you if you have an opinion.

    For the outside bearing support of the shaft of the paddle wheel there is only one cross section drawing. On this drawing it's said that there is a hole 15'' Dia. So I assume that this support is box like construction (like prisma) , two triangular side plates and the front is also covered with a plate with a hole in center.
    But in such a case it would be always water at the bottom of the box. Is that plausible or how can this construction be? Do you have any idea ?


    1. Ilhan Gokcay

      Ilhan Gokcay

      Second I wonder if it is plausible that sponsons are sloping inwards to the ship. It is on the original drawings. 


  14. Going on with the drawing process I wonder if it is plausible that sponsons are sloping inwards to the ship. It is on the original drawings.
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