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  1. Thanks. I used Mixwax sanding sealer. it brings out the color of the walnut naturally and provide a nice matte finish.
  2. OK, finalized and published the final pics in the case. Here's a couple, the rest are in the complete ship gallery. Thanks for following this build.
  3. The is the Artesania Latina model for San Francisco II S.XVI 1:90 Scale
  4. A whole rack of rope coils for the main mast...still more to go. The final sail is in place, now final rigging, and remaining rope coils. One part of the kit I was unsure about was the flags, but after looking at them and testing them in place. I do like the color and trim it adds to the overall. And the final picture of the pennant is hanging on another viking model, but that will go on the main mast when ready.
  5. Well, I like to be as authentic as possible, but I was considering leaving the bowlines (the pulls) off. I have small brass wire inserted in the bottom of the sails to help with the curvature some, and I'm satisfied with the hang of them now, also the fact that I have already tied and snugged the running rigging for the 3 sails, I would have to redo it all because it would add too much slack having the bowlines pull it forward now. But everything else will be added.
  6. This will probably be some of my final updates, but wanted opinions on the mainsail. The kit depicts the main sail half-furled, and seen a couple of other completed models try it, I just don't see it as that natural looking with these particular sails, so I left the main fully down. I suppose some furl it to not left it hide deck details, but I feel you can see everything fine depending of your angle.
  7. Thanks guys, can't wait to see the ship in there. Continuing on with the sails. The upper fore sail is installed and rigging mostly complete. Rope coils are starting to get crowded and there's more to add in.
  8. Decided to finished up my display case for this one since I can see the end of the build coming.
  9. Thanks! Yeah rope coils are some of my favorite parts on the deck. You can always tell in your own picture where they need to be adjusted to have tbe natural sag look.
  10. Thanks Paul. Yeah, sail making is skill that I had to learn on my first build. I feel spoiled having pre-made sails with this kit, but they aren't perfect. Mainly the hems of the sails too wide for the scale in my opinion. I actually invested in a sewing machine for my first build (MS Bluenose). Learn how to use it, and what attachment for hems, etc...It was an interesting experience but tedious.
  11. Added the foresail on this weekend. When trying to snug up all the rigging I didn't like the way the sail was being pulled, so I inserted some straight thin brass wire into the bottom hem, that allowed me to form the shape and pull the rigging tight without deforming the sail too much.
  12. One little pet peeve I fixed was the deck ladders. The suggested pictures of the model all show the ladders being natural unfinished balsa wood color. I never did like that even though I went with it. I took them off and stained them, and like it much better for this vintage galleon. this is how they were before
  13. Attached the lateen sail, snugged up the rigging, and added some more rope coils
  14. Working on the Lateen sail. The sails with this kit are OK, but I wish they didn't make the hem so wide.

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