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  1. Del I am in the starting stage of the same ship. I suppose you finished your build? If you do not mind helping please? I have to start the planking now. In your first post you mentioned the "I took the plank off, and made the bow solid, with a ‘sandwich’ of thin pine planks, then put the plank back" where did you put the pine planks exactly? I attach a pick of my build so far.
  2. I cannot thank you guys enough for the advice so far. Reading articles and buildlogs wrt filler blocks and done that on the bow (see attached pic) would you suggest that I fill the stern as well?
  3. Looking at the positions of the bulkheads and the advice I got earlier in the thread, I am not sure how to fix this? Should I shave the other bulkheads (green) to be shorter or should I just leave the gap (red) and hope for the best? Please experts help!?
  4. Bluto Thank you for the response. I will follow you advice. I did follow the link you provided and posted there but it seems to be at the same place where it was originaly posted? I'm a bit lost on this site. I will spend some time on it to brows the options.
  5. I bought the kit in 2008. This far I have: Glued the frames to the keelson Glued the decks in place I am now at the stage where I have to shape the ribs. I am not sure how much I must do this? How is the part that must be beveled measured? The instruction manual mention marking the the edge of the rib with a felt pen. I'm not sue how and by how much? I also, on advice, filled the front between the keelson and the front frame with soft wood to make planking easier. Did I do it right?
  6. I am building the Mayflower... since 2008... a few years back my wife said it looks like I won't ever finish it... now my son also joined the choir... suppose I've got to give it a go?

  7. Hi yvesvidal I agree with you as far as the detail of the Constructo instructions are concerned. I printed the Chuck Passaro instruction manual for the Mayflower but I think I might have misunderstood your suggestion. I thought you meant that by following this Model Shipways instruction manual (by Chuck Pasaro), one can build the Constructo model. I got stuck at the beginning! Chuck mentioned that one must clue the "rabbet strip" along the bulkhead. My problem is that I connot find a "rabbet strip" in my kit. Neither any reference to that in the list of parts. Did I misunderstand your Kit Review? Please help. I am not only new at kit building but also a total novice as far as ship building and technical terms are concerned.
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