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  1. I didn’t see any mention of heat, the thinner the blade, not only wander but heat as well. Good blade is the key. I wouldn’t hesitate to grab a piece of walnut from the fire wood pile and run it through my big table saw, that’s where beautiful wood comes from. You need to make yourself a zero tolerance spacer for the blade. The better the blade the better the product, the faster the product and usually the cooler the blade stays. I even order my lexan and plexiglass based on the width of my blade and most often adjust accordingly from there and never based on my saw du
  2. I also have gotten quite a bit of the engine done, I need to fabricate an oil pump, and then run the oil return lines, as well as the water lines that run out of the engine. I also need to finish the transmission’s out put shaft. I’ll get that sorted once the motor mounts are on. I noticed in the pictures that the throttle linkage is laying down, it will run into the nose, along with the choke line. I have included a picture of the many spark plug wire fails, along with the completed spark plugs.
  3. I was able to get some polyurethane on the bottom, I stopped at 3 coats as I will be sanding along all the edges. I used Varathane by Rust-Oleum, it does get hard after about 24 hours, but it’s much thicker than Minwax, I was able to get more Minwax so I will be doing the rest with it. I also was able to get the engine compartment opened up, the engine with it’s transmission is going to fit, along with the hood that I made, I’ll get a picture once the scoops are on it. I also was able to find some mahogany in the stock pile so I made the rear fins and got them attached now I c
  4. I think sometimes this fret clears itself when I stumble past this point and something turns out like I in visioned or sometimes much better. I also find that I stumble onto very unique creations and ideas of bettering myself. Sometimes understanding something comes from experience, a fail is only a fail if it allows us to give up on our dreams, looking at this site should help you see especially the scratch built items, these guy’s rebuilt something until they realized they could do it better. The kit is simply the outside parameter or limits, so if you are good enough to have gotten
  5. Sidebar: Today I received a book, (see picture) it appears to have never been opened before, the date on it says 1984, and it was printed by Model Expo. I can’t wait to read it. This morning while I was looking at the news I saw an article on piracy and how it shaped the world we live in, the article was about a pirate named Henry Every and how a man with a metal detector in Maine found a coin that he had looted, it all makes me think of this site, the page I opened in the book when I picked it up was about knot tying and spooling up the rope afterwards, I had never seen anythi
  6. I finished planking the bottom. I’m happy with it, there are a couple of filler pieces, I’m sure after sanding will be very hard to find. Filled the nose, I think the nose turned out great after my mistake and should cover nicely. That suggestion to get some clear coat on is what the doctor ordered, then for surely it’s sealed and solid for ever. I did hide some walnut in there for the edge trim.
  7. This week I did a lot of sanding, and then I sanded some more, then I realized I needed to do some sanding. I got the bottom sealed up, I had to remake the nose, I used cardboard, this worked out really well, I managed to get the front end to look symmetrical, I’m really happy with it. I began laying down the final layer of planking and made some more jigs. I’m very sure I have more than enough of this planking to complete the bottom. I also got most of the engine completed, now for it’s final assembly. It did not come with the vacuum pump or the oil pump, I should be able to s
  8. Looking great👍. With the big 45% off sale at Model Expo, they must be out of everything.
  9. The overall bottom fit very well, and as you can see there is some places that can use a bit of filler. The upside of the week had been a vision of the gas pedal I had while walking the dog 🐶, I like how the pedal turned out. Kind of like an airplane meets push and pull. I looked everywhere for pedals, I did find several but none I liked, even the 1/12 drag cars didn’t have stirrups. I’m sure that’s where I got the idea, mixed of course with the foot looking pedal I don’t have in stock.
  10. My weekly update. My past week has been a lot of work and not much accomplished. So this week I moved to the bottom of the boat, the first piece went well and gave me an idea of how correct the overall framing is. I then learned that I needed to sand the front🤔 Looking back over the instructions and the hull, I realized that in step 2, once part #11 is glued and sometime between cutting off the jig and planking the top, there must be a line drawn on part #11 across the front showing the half way point. This line then represents the sanding mark, the top has to be sanded down to
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