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  1. Thanks Kurt for the clarification. And Thanks to everyone else for providing their perspectives, it reinforces what I was leaning toward getting both the CD sets and the Shopnotes. I'll look into the "Ships in Sacle" and "Model Ship Builder" collections as well.
  2. Quick Question for Kurt (slightly off topic) Regarding membership can this be done online or is the call mandatory? Thanks Again ER
  3. Thanks Wayne, Roger, Kurt! I do have a question regarding the NRG products and I understand that the CD sets will have more material and information then what is provided in the Shopnotes. If I opt for the CD sets do/should i still pick up a copy of the Shopnotes? Thanks Again to Everyone for their Help ER
  4. Thanks Roger that is great Advice!! While looking some "How To" book I noticed it hard to understand much of what was being said as I have no real context in which to draw from. I'll switch to kit selection and then come back to my Reference Library. I did come across the NRJ Articles and was wondering if that would be something to consider. Thanks Again Sir!
  5. Thanks everyone for the additional suggestions! @Michael: Thanks for the link to "The Art of Ship Modeling", alittle pricy but I'll add to my list as a future purchase. @Walter: The Articles Database is a great resource and I have been diligently reading through most of the material available there. @Duff: excellent feedback on the books I have listed...Thanks Again!! @Wayne: Awesome list! I'll add this PDF to my files and start looking up the titles.
  6. Thank you Mark and Adam! I'll add "Historic Ship Models" to the list. The Art of Ship Modeling definitely looks interesting but seem a bit harder for find. Thanks Again Eric
  7. As I’m just starting with Ship Modeling the first order of business is to build up my library. I’m sure this has been discussed here at length but I'm not having as much luck as I hoped in finding a good listing of modeling publications. If I missed this somewhere just point me in the right direction. What I’m looking for are books that focus on aspects of Ship Modeling, such as Framing, Planking and Rigging…. that sort stuff. Subject specific references I’ll collect as I chose my build subjects a bit later. The exception might the “Anatomy of the Ship” series as these books look real interesting. Using Amazon as jumping off point I’ve listed below a few books that might be what I’m looking for. So, everyone please weigh in and let me know the if these are any good, strengths and weakness of them and of course suggest any that I may have missed. “Ship Modeling Simplified: Tips and Techniques for Model Construction from Kits”- Frank Mastini “Ship Modeling from Stem to Stern”- Milton Roth “Period Ship Modelmaking: An Illustrated Masterclass”- Phillip Reed “Wooden Warship Construction: A History in Ship Models”- Brian Lavery “Ship Modeler's Shop Notes Vol I & II”- Nautical Research Guild “The Ship Model Builder's Assistant”- Charles G. Davis “Planking Techniques for Model Ship Builders”- Donald Dressel “The Art of Rigging”-George Biddlecombe “The Arts of the Sailor: Knotting, Splicing and Ropework”-Hervey Garrett Smith “Rigging Period Fore-and-Aft Craft”-Lennarth Petersson Best Regards Eric Rains Vancouver, Wa, USA
  8. It is time to pressure that little dream I have had since my high school years….to build Wooden Ships! After 22 years in the Air Force, marriage and then the transitioning back into civilian life one of my goal was to return to model building. I started backing into plastic kits since that was what I had built mostly in my early years. I focused on Armor and some Aircraft here and there but always in the back of my mind was that little dream of wooden ships….and then in August (2017) my wife and I took trip to Boston. As most of you have undoubtedly guessed we paid a visit to the USS Constitution and that little dream is now becoming a reality. With the support of my wife I decided to move from the world of plastic kits (but not totally away) and begin the long and hopefully enjoyable journey into the world of tall ships and wooden hulls. With the first steps beginning here. But first things first….lots of reading and lots of questions and then some more reading and research. My hope is to select my first subject and begin the framing process by the end of year (2017). This will be the only deadline I plan to impose upon myself as the learning of a new skill set will require a significant time investment. So for now it’s over to the “Database of Articles and Downloads” and “For Beginners -- A Cautionary Tale” to start my reading. Lastly I would like to say Thank You in advance to everyone for the sound advice, honest answers and constructive criticisms that I hope receive….so…Thank You. I’m looking forward to this journey into the world of tall and elegant ships. Best Regards Eric Rains Vancouver, Wa, USA

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