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  1. I inform you that I stop now to publish my work about Saint Philippe, I prefer take more time for modelling, and less for prepare and comment pictures, sure that you will understand my choice... ☺️
  2. Hello boys, Mono at scale 1/48, pl, 19 (I've also this monograph and I learned reading when I was a five years old pupil 😋) : - Bulkhead = 5 mm - Cap rail = 8 mm At scale 1/72 : -- Bulkhead = (5/72)*48 = 3 mm - Cap rail = (8/72)*48 = 6 mm Regards, Christian PS = I know the SR by Neko, it's unnecessary to show me this beautiful model, I am just a poor lonesome cow-boy, not an artist... 🤢
  3. Hi Allan, Verifying into mono at scale 1/72 : on upper quarter-deck, which shows the thiner builkhead of ship : - Bulkhead = 3 mm - Cap rail = 6 mm These values are indicated before sanding of cap rail (in fact, after sanding, the edges of the cap-rail are slightly softened) It may probably look like a 5 mm cap-rail Then, no problem for me 😋 Regards, Christian
  4. Thanks Allan, I cut bulwarks a little more thick provisory, and adjust them by sanding after planking At scale 1/72, the high bulwarks are three mm thick, and I cut them provisory around six mm Of course, where the bulwarks are hidden, this finition can be omitted Regards, Christian
  5. Cut is finished, except the back stern, and the shape seems more "graceful" that I could hope at the beginning of my new ship-yard :
  6. First interpolation between frames 15 & 16 : I shall place a second interpolation between frames 14 & 15
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