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  1. Thank you all for your insight and advice. You have indeed opened my eyes to a lot of new things here. I am very intrigue by the monofilament Idea. I looked over Ed’s log and wow! Absolutely amazing. But I did however not see his implementing monofilament for mock nailing , perhaps I missed it as it is a very detailed and lengthy log “3+years” I believe. Thank you for the pictures Bob. They really got me thinking and now I want to do the whole hull like that. That might make this build 3 years also lol. But I agree. It would look awesome!! I only wish I could actually see this technique in action . Thanks again everyone. I love this hobby and this site. I’ve never met such insightful and helpful people . Bart..
  2. Wow! Again, great advice from all!! I am just thinking that dvm27 is right. If hammered the faults finish will bleed through. It would have the to black to the core. Thoughts? Bart..
  3. Thanks Roger, I will check Ed’s posts out for sure. And the fishing line idea sounds very interesting thanks. And quite the contrary Captain. I’m using a little cell phone .Maybe it have an inferiority complex 🤔 LoL.
  4. Wow!! All very insightful info, thanks guys. I have another question though. What size nails do you think would be best for this? Again, I am building the Drakkar Viking ship by Amati. 1:50 scale. Oh, and sorry for the initial font size. I cut and pasted that from a note pad on my phone and it just came out that way. I’ve no idea how to change it. “Funny how someone just pops in for no other reason than to tell you that they feel like there being yelled at just from reading oversized text,”wow! Anyway, as for everyone else, thank you very much for sharing your wisdom and great advice. Helps a lot!!!
  5. Great ideas thanks. I am going to look into these for sure. I did look up the brass black stuff that stuff is amazing jaager . I never knew that it existed. Thanks again.
  6. Hello all. Was wondering if anyone knows where to get mini black nails at a decent price in the U.S? I started to order some that I found at modelers Central for $3.75 p150 but the shipping was a crazy $20! NO WAY! I don’t have a hobby store near me that caters to our hobby unfortunately. I’ve heard of guys making their own but no idea how that works. I’ve got no problem buying some. Just not going to pay a ridiculous shipping and handling charge like MC wants. I need them for the Amati Viking ship I’m building. It came with brass nails but I’ve seen a build that used black and it looks a lot better . This model is 1:50 scale if that helps anything. Thank you.
  7. Hello all. I am sure this topic “or a version of it”is here on this site somewhere ,but I wanted to be more specific. I just had a glue joint crack off a plank I had glued to a bulkhead when I applied just a little pressure, (not much at all) . I used“titebond translucent”glue. It cured for over 24 hours.Was my first time using it and maybe my last! My question is are the other titebond gules better then this stuff? I also have some testors wood glue cement stuff that I’ve yet to try. Is that any good? I’d like to find a super strong glue that can hold up like it should. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
  8. Hello Roger, Kind of funny. I just went to Hobby lobby today and bought the very same stuff you suggested . Yeah, it seems to work very well. I am going to use my Vallejo acrylic paint once the primer has cured . Thanks for the tip . Bart...
  9. Hello. I am waiting on some material before I start my build on the Amati Viking ship. While I am waiting for my material I figured I would start by painting the shields that come with the kit. Was wondering if I could get some tips. The shields are metal and I want to know what kind of primer and paint I should use . I do not have a airbrush so will be doing this by hand. Thanks..
  10. Good deal! Thank you Russ. But I recall reading one of these posts here that said Crown left them hanging. Someone had ordered something and the site shut down. They wrote and called and no one got back to them for a long time. I Believe it was all sorted out in the end but that dose not make me want to trust them. Sorry but they have competitors with impeccable ratings And great customer service that I would rather take my chances with After reading such things.
  11. Oh wow!! Great advice from everyone!! Thank you all so much!! And I am ordering said books right away!! Thank you guys!! This site rocks!!! 😬
  12. Oh. I did not know that. Are Crown Timber Yard and Syren in the US? Sorry, I’m sure these new guy questions get old ☹️. Bart...
  13. Thank you all, great advice from everybody!! I think I might just go for it and not worry since the model was not much $ anyway. The experience is what counts indeed!! Thank you all and will keep you posted 👍.
  14. I want to replace the wood on this Viking ship by Amati. Can anyone tell me a good place to order these supplies /wood in the US? I live in Southwest Florida if that matters thanks.
  15. I am going to replace this cheap wood with good stuff. Can anyone tell me a good place to order wood? Thanks.

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