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  1. I was just reading about this on Chuck's topic and he gives a good explanation about it on page 15.
  2. You can use this option, with diluted paint instead of going horizontally, go vertical and drying a little with a cloth. The process is slow but with good results.
  3. My friend said "Here is why I can't go with cloak button. This is an antique Victorian cloak button. Note the elaborate design around the edges and the overall thickness of the metal. This is more like a brooch, an ornamental jewellery piece, and I suspect they were made more from semi precious/ precious metals and stones."
  4. This morning I was chatting with a curator of the Museum and I am waiting for results, probably the piece will be sent to the museum for better analysis..another thing is not a button from a cloak for sure.
  5. It's incredible how some people react regardless of the situation we live in. I have received a package from Syren in a week and the waiting time does not affect me ... but some drown in a glass of water...
  6. Thank you gentlemen, just contact the National Museums Scotland..
  7. A friend in Scotland, Brora specifically, walking along the beach discovered this piece, from what he told me it is made of bronze and it would seem to be the handle of a closet or similar. The design is a nautilus shell among what I believe is a collection of shells. What else could it be off? The obverse shows what I believe is where it was attached to a drawer or similar. One faint possibility is a French sloop, Le Prince Charles Stewart, an ex Royal Navy ship the Hazard which had been captured in Montrose and renamed. It was carrying gold for the Jacobites from France. It was int
  8. It can also be treated using shoe polish, there are a wide variety of shades.
  9. Unfortunately is only in Apple TV...No Netflix,Prime Video or Hulu. But,you can opt for their one-week free trial and watch Greyhound for free
  10. My sincere condolences to family and friends. Thank you for your great contribution to this community, your legacy will remain among us as a reminder of the great person you were.
  11. I would take the measure of where should rest on the false keel and cut instead of placing it and lowering the excess on top, I think it would be easier.
  12. https://proxxon-us-shop.com/products/bench-circular-saw-ks-115 https://www.micromark.com/MicroLux-Miniature-Table-Saw_2 I don't think both table saw comes from China,they do the job very well..unless you want to cut 2 inches board.
  13. Proxxon 37006 KS 115 Bench Circular Saw on Amazon for $125 or MicroLux® Miniature Table Saw on Micro-Mark for $129.
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