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  1. First of all you have to decide if we want bronze or iron cannons. In the latter case it will be painted first black and then rubbed with graphite. If you decide to imitate bronze we can use this procedure: we will mix black and gold in equal parts. You can use more black than gold but not vice versa. After the color obtained will be mixed with a third of green, increasing or decreasing the proportion of this color according to the intensity of oxidation that you want to simulate. Finally, with gold and a very dry brush, we will highlight the cannon rings and the parts that had to wear the most. Once the paint is completely dry, it can be gently rubbed with a wadding to polish the surface.
  2. Maybe you can find more info here https://www.niagaradivers.com/index.html https://www.niagaradivers.com/divesites/pentang.html#Western Islands http://www.boatinggeorgianbay.com/wrecks.html
  3. The IPS Default works for me..with google Chrome I can see who liked but I cannot like. Thanks Dubz!
  4. I have noticed that after this event the "like " has disappeared. Been reported by other people? Or is it just me?
  5. Those two wooden beans are supports since those two compartments seem to be in the air.
  6. You Could try to moisten the pieces and press them between two woods, you could leave for 48 hours to ensure that they are completely dry and see the result, If unfortunately you notice the same problem after the process, the solution would be to remake the Parts.
  7. From California to Florida, Ages of Sail charge $8 shipping and they have iron nails,pack of 200 (10mm) $1.59.
  8. There are two kinds of quebracho, white and red.. It is a wood much appreciated for the construction of furniture, which will last for hundreds of years. Also the red is used to make the railroad sleepers. Watch out for the red powder as it is very toxic.. The bark of white quebracho is used as medicine. There are many species of trees in South America that are beneficial to health, we know for centuries thanks to the indigenous population. When the Spaniards arrived in South America and discovered the quebracho they took tons of this wood because they used it for different parts of construction of ships, especially the keel.. In Europe they used another kind of wood that left it submerged for years (in some cases 100 years), with the Quebracho reduced the wait.
  9. I am following the construction process and it is really very good, where did you get Quebracho wood? Since it is a tree originating in South America (Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia) The wood is very high density and from there comes its name.. Quebracho/quiebrahacha/axe-breaker..
  10. Excellent work Amalio! the perfection makes the master...
  11. I remember when I built the CWM and put the rudders inside the boat, three harpoons, ropes and six oars, a bucket, a small flag on its post to mark the dead whales.. And I did it in the six boats, of course this in the modeller to detail even more equipment. As to how the rudder was secured a clue could be the AL kit.

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