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  1. So the past week progress has been slow but a fair amount of work has been done to the ship. I’ll go back to where we left off and continue from there for this post. So in the last post, had just finished assembling the bulkheads and planking the hidden third deck, I also added some reinforcements to the bulkheads to strengthen the gun deck. So continuing from there I bevelled the bulkheads and installed the keel with the exception of the rudder section. The reason for leaving the rudder piece of the keel off for the time being is that I’ve yet to complete the beveling of the keel sect
  2. Today the kit finally arrived after a long week of waiting. I was very satisfied with the contents of the box and quality of parts within. I got to work right away and dry fitted the bulkheads to ensure their fit and started the process of staining the exposed parts. I chose to use dark ebony stain on the bulkheads instead of a red colour. This saves me the trouble of sanding the bulkheads to remove the burnt edges left from the laser cutter. And MDF doesn't have a grain like regular wood and a darker stain covers this up better. I continued to glue the bulkheads into the false
  3. So I have just bought the HMS fly kit (Victory models version) and am waiting for it to arrive sometime around next week. I've been wanting to purchase this kit for a year now and am very excited for it to arrive. In the meantime I've been collecting my tools from my build last summer and experimenting with some nail details for the deck and maybe the hull. If anyone knows any ways to produce nailing like this please let me know because I have no idea 😂 The idea to do nail patterning came from my previous build of the Principe de Asturias last summer where th
  4. I have previously posted this on Finescale forums but I've decided to also post my log here i hope everyone enjoys! -Jamie
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