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  1. Exclusive creativity, measurement and positioning template
  2. HMS Granado No.2 https://cafmodel.com/products/hms-granado-1
  3. At present, the keel frame and dock are completed, and the internal structure will be completed from October to November https://www.cafmodel.com/products/hms-granado-1
  4. For the rib grinding, this is very important, is the biggest difficulty The outline on the bow side is red, and the outline on the stern side is green You'll find the grinding lines on both sides The accuracy of the black line on the wood is not the highest, it is just an auxiliary line More accurately in plan
  5. For the installation of the parts below the ribs, my own experience is to combine them with the keel in advance. (the parts of the ribs are bonded, but the ribs cannot be bonded with the keel.) The ribs are then removed for assembly
  6. Thank you very much. I want to talk about some of my feelings about this kit. I think it will help you to make it First of all, although it is a cross-section model, it still has its own characteristics and construction difficulty It has a lot of areas to clear,Especially in the red area, it will affect the installation of ribs and keel
  7. Hello Bruce Happy year of the ox I hope we can all get rid of the shadow of the virus in 2021 Best regards Tom
  8. I finally mailed the goods before our holiday. Next is the Chinese New Year. I can take a week off
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