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  1. I don't know which wood he belongs to, but it's as perfect as boxwood, The texture is delicate and tough It is harder than cherry wood and similar to beech
  2. I'm trying to strengthen the dock because plexiglass is brittle and easy to break In addition, I will add a screw connection structure for him, so that the front and rear parts can be removed during the installation, which will make the production easier
  3. I will continue to improve this dock to make it more perfect
  4. We used plexiglass for the first time in kit. It has many advantages,It doesn't deform easily. More accurate in size than wood. At the same time, it is transparent and can clearly observe the condition of keel and rib during installation.
  5. Yes, it will be divided into several parts His keel and ribs are very complex, so we need to make some sections first We will use a large number of auxiliary tools to verify the accuracy of the installation He will use CNC to process and produce, and he is very challenging to me, especially the ribs In addition, we will use some innovative tools and materials as an aid This is the first time to use it in kit. It will greatly improve the accuracy of production and installation
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