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  1. Thanks! The "grey inside" is actually water color same as the water outside. so it's not non-rendered, it is in fact, rendered. (the water was done quick and is actually not transparent, hence you don't see the wood through it while you should) Full rig is out because they are "aan de dwarskuil" (pulling fishing net). As this is an artistic work, I made the sea rougher than it would have been sailing with these sails for dramatic effect. And yes HU37 is fictitious. I didn't want anyone to think this ship represents a specific real life botter, but it's based on drawings of a Huizer
  2. Yeah currently the wood textures are put on very quickly. When I'll be fully working on the textures I'll make the grain correct. Currently no plans to make a wood model of this boat. That could take very long (with my perfectionism in mind) and i don't have the time for that now.
  3. Props to those who realize what ship this is going to be. I'll be posting more updates as I make progress.
  4. I have over 11 years of experience with 3D modeling, and believe me, I know exactly what I'm doing, thank you. Of course, I stand open for constructive feedback. I don't understand why you call my work professional, but then proceed to lecture me on a very basic subject like I'm just starting out. You're not wrong, but what your suggesting will not help in this case: This model has either smooth curves or sharp edges, and is not an organic model with complex detailed shapes. I use smoothing groups for the gentle curves, to achieve the smoothest result and weighted normals for the c
  5. Thanks! and thanks for the thinking Normal maps are no magic bullet though, and they can't "solve" polygon silhouettes. They can only fix the head on appearance of curves but their effect fails when looked at from an angle. I didn't any proper detail passes yet on material and textures. any color you see now is temporary just to show something nice. I'll share a clay model and wireframe later.
  6. I've been working for over a week now on a 3D model of a botter. A traditional flat bottom Dutch fishing ships that sailed the former dutch "South Sea" almost 200 years. I'll share what I have now, my references and behind the scenes. Be sure to ask questions about this, the ship, the process, the workflow, the plans etc!! Here below are some renders of the state of the ship now. Below I explain what is done and what needs still to be done. Currently most of the ship hull is finished in terms of shape. Most of the rigging is set, but not fully dynamic (to easily mo
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