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  1. No, the oars are made from dowels. Have some pics of the process a few pages back. They look good actually! Here are Some closeups of the mast fish in better lighting, so the pattern is more obvious. On the Sea Stallion it’s painted red, but on this model I think it would stand out too much if it was painted.
  2. A small update - finished and stained all 60 oars, the mast, the yard, the mast fish, and all the rudder components. Unfortunately when the plywood is sanded down and shaped, and then I apply the stain I’ve been using, all the layers come out in different colors. The effect is actually pretty cool, though not realistic at all. My only solution at this point would be paint, but I might just leave it.
  3. That’s looking really good! It’s a very interesting build. Thanks for the paint tip too - going to look for something similar over here!
  4. Thanks! It is a very elegant ship, I really like the proportions. I agree that the shields were probably for display only. When I was at the ship museum I was chatting with one of the people who sail the reconstructions. He said that on the Skuldelev 5 replica, the shields get in the way of rowing when they are mounted. Here is a pic from the front, Cathead. The sides aren’t very vertical at all! Below is the reconstructed hull lines of the actual wreck for comparison. My strakes are pretty messy too - but then again, they were fairly messy on the ships
  5. Thanks for the interesting possible solutions, liteflight! I just got in the acrylic gloss so I’m just going to try that first before I try anything fancier! Made some more progress today - all the thwarts are in! I feel like it’s added a lot to the model! I had thought of doing some stanchions under the thwarts, but felt that would be too fiddly. Also want to get this kit done soonish!
  6. I will eventually be doing a 3D model, but was trying to figure out what it was before I started. Completely accidentally, while researching something else, I found some discussion on these "hooks" - In this article about the ships on the mosaic of Hercules Bibax from Rimini, Dell'Amico discusses the possibility that they are some sort of movable gangway or fender, both which were originally proposed by L. Basch in Le musée imaginaire de la marine antique. It's as good a guess as any, and it makes some sense. This depiction of a lenunculus (essentially a towed river barge/skiff which brought
  7. I really like the paint you are using, gives a beautiful and realistic finish. Can I ask what paint it it?
  8. Thanks Steven! Those are good resources. I’m wondering if I should go the route of each shield being different, which is probably more “authentic”, or just do alternating red-black solid colors. I believe the shields on the Gokstad were alternating black-yellow? Anyways, some more progress! Weathered the deck veneer then glued it down. It was very thin, and I think I used too much glue, so the veneer started curling in on itself. Had to use some clothespins to hold it down. Hopefully it will work ok! Will let it dry overnight and see how it’s looking tomorrow. Big step! Means I can
  9. Yeah, I don't think it's a "corvus" as it's only on cargo vessels. I think loading tackle might be a good possibility. As there is always a rope attached to it. could it be some sort of tensioner/stay for the spirit-mast? The reliefs seem to show that the forestay is tied to the base of the spirit-mast, so perhaps to keep the spirit-mast from being pulled upwards it needed it's own stay? Is there anything like that on later ships? I'm curious what material it is made of, and how it even attaches to the stem. Is it attached to the side? Is it socketed in to it? EDIT: Or
  10. Thanks Steven! Cool, the kit came with a 2mm dowel for making shield bosses, so I'll just keep using that. I think I settled on an idea for the shields. I'm going to buy some brown paper, I'll design the shields on the computer, then print them out on to the paper. then I'll just cut them out, using a thin strip for the handle and using the 2mm dowel to make the shield boss. I'll then harden it with either CA glue or acrylic varnish, whatever works best. The bonus is that means I won't have to use the rest of the 1x1mm lath provided with the kit to make shield handles, and I can re
  11. Does anyone know what these “hooks” are called, and what their use is? I’ve noticed them a lot on Roman ship depictions of around the 1st-3rd century. They only seem to appear on ships with spirit sails, and in some depictions there is a rope or even a pulley system tying it to the spirit-mast. I can’t find any info on them online or in the books about Roman ships I have, and I’ve never seen them depicted in any reconstructions.
  12. Wow, looking really good silverman! I like the unusual carvel-to-clinker transition!
  13. Happy belated birthday!! I like your little figure, it’s looking good! I’m sorry you’ve been having such issues with the planking! Mine took some forcing, but it wasn’t nearly as bad. It might have been easier on mine though since the planks were thinner.
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