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  1. I work on the sides of the head deck.. The ship gained a new image..🎨
  2. Thanks for the like. I decided to keep the lion statue only in red, that's how I found it..😎 historical picture.. model R.L. from the Gdańsk Museum.. replica Duyfken.. I finished the head deck frame. Again, I came across different dimensions of the drawing of a lion statue on the plan sheets ..😵 I had to lower the lion's back.. This is the size of a lion statue .. Now the statue will fit under the head deck..
  3. Thank you all..!! I sprayed red. Varnish for that. Next in line will be a retouch to highlight the details.. Glued Knee of the head.. Added clinkbout ..
  4. Thank you very much Patrick.. The words of a sculptor I read still ring in my ears. He said he had not created the statue, it was inside the block he was working on. Just removed the excess material ...😇 I tried to create even more details, now it's done ..👌 Basic white spray.. And now red..🎨
  5. Thank you very much Patrick and Gary. Thanks for the like.. The fight with the lion is still ongoing. Gradually in several steps the shape is rounded and slimmed .. Now comes the spray with a primer, followed by red..🎨 And a test on a ship..⛅
  6. Thank you very much Allan and Steven. The lion has a shape.. ..in base color.. ..polished, now I have to fine-tune shapes and details..
  7. I finally found time to shape a lion. I studied carving a bit, a little lion anatomy. And he started. Workplace supplemented with photos of a Lion replica Batavia.. Beech is probably not an ideal wood for carving, but the figure will be painted, so maybe it doesn't matter so much. I had no other hardwood. Gradual shaping of anatomy by milling machine..⚒️ There will still be a lot of shaping, but the proportions fit..🤯
  8. Catheads supported by knees.. And I'm starting to prepare a lion statue ... made of hard beech wood.. Just start shaping..💥
  9. Thanks for the like. Catheads done.. Not everything went well, I had to create a new face .. Almost half of the ornaments placed on the ship .. I wonder if I will shade the faces. Features would stand out ..
  10. Greetings and thank you!!! The production of ornaments began ... My plan was to first try to sculpt the wood and, if that didn't work, to create the sculptures out of clay. I started with wood and ....... it works. Catheads foreheads first created. Here's the face. And when it worked, I continued with the already prepared Chesstree posts..
  11. Thank you. I already know that a ship from this period will not have many credible sources and images. But I enjoy the building! So far, I've just waxed the balcony.. I prepared beams for catheads. I will be the first to make the most demanding. Faces on foreheads.. The first is rough. He starts to smile..
  12. Thanks for the like! Created the basis of the balcony. Knee production combined with the production of knees under the aft deck.. I was milling my knees. I made a milling machine from a nail. According to the Russian style, which works.. The boat went up the keel for the last time. Knees located.. Before waxing.. I'm thinking of putting the railing down at the end of the hull, it will be fragile..🤯😲
  13. Thank you very much Silverman. Thanks for the like! 😇 I have been thinking for a long time about finishing the connection of the front stem according to Witsen.. Replica of Barents' ship.. So I added it. The cuts were made with a 0.15 mm thick razor saw, and 0.09 mm black paper was placed.. Klinkbout will be added after grinding.. And now really a balcony..
  14. Thank you for like! Channels glued.. I created reinforcing knees. System ala marsalv...😇 The elbows will be reinforced with 0.5 mm pins. Finally wax..
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