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  1. Surrounded and waxed. The pins finally hold the wax-glued parts firmly.. I'm starting to make railings .. Waxed gratings of the main deck ..
  2. Thank you very much Backer, it's a compliment from you..🧐 Machined vertical beams glued to the supporting part .. The front pillars, where the head will be carved, gave the most work.. I also have beams ready for the first carving test.. As a basis for the head, I used a drawing from Derfflinger's plan, RL is unusable.. Test whether pattex adhesive sticks to the waxed surface - OK! Simple beams glued. Pins and wax are waiting..
  3. Thank you very much Louie da fly and FriedClams. I try to be hard on myself ..🧐 I started making vertical beams that protect the side when launching boats. Base milled, but precise grooves created by the files .. Installation of klinkbout on the sides..
  4. I'm glad I can help while I can. I am sending a link to the work of the Czech modeller Vladimír Mareš to your work on the blocks, I used the same method. I can recommend.. https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=177&t=68726&p=1551963&hilit=kompletací+košů+bloky+pod+košem#p1551963
  5. In my opinion, you have the pulley turned, the hole must be at the yard. I prefer to use pulleys with an imitation of a wheel that is inside, ie with two holes. I just want to keep you from repairing in time. Ondras
  6. Hello. I keep my fingers crossed for a good result. Pay attention to the function of the pulley ..
  7. Very nice building. Place the strut in the stern, remove it after gluing the boards. Good luck!! Ondras.
  8. Thank you for supporting Mustafa. Thanks for the like!! Front deck pins.. Preparation of the aft deck..
  9. Thank you very much Steven and Bossman!! I appreciate the favor of you all. Front gratings and front mast holder.. Deck boards will follow ..
  10. Thank you very much Chuck, Patrick and Tom!! Continuation of gratings. Absolutely accurate system.. Preparation of deck beams for forecastle..
  11. The whole hull waxed outside.. I'm making new gratings for the front deck. I tried a new style of production with a 1 mm cutter on one side, it works and it's more accurate than a saw.. Comparison with old gratings..
  12. Thank you very much for like .. Door and window fittings .. waxed ..
  13. Thank you very much archjofo and Sea Hoss.. Front body wall .. Medical needle 0.7 mm made pins 0.5 mm .. Stairs worked glued temporarily with glue..
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