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  1. I appreciate your words Backer and Louie da fly Thus covered the railings of the main deck and stretched from it wales. Railings and rails glued with long pins..
  2. Czech modeler Doris Obručová advised me to use an external matt spray topcoat. I tried matt Vallejo varnish .. Tests outside the ship have shown the best way to pour a horizontal layer of paint ... Bingo Then dry with a hair dryer and .. the surface is matte! Ship finally unpacked .. I will not edit any more..💥 O.
  3. The dyeing is already finished after two months, the retouches have stretched a bit. Red sprayed somewhere again. I damaged the acrylic paint with alcohol .. Spraying with matt clear lacquer is also not without problems, semi-gloss paints do not want to matte. I'm studying how to do it..
  4. I'm fighting green. The first did not cover at all .. I had to use the darker one. At the same time, the front wall was redesigned.. The result is not so bad.. Retouches are still waiting for me and matte lacquer comes on top..🧐 O.
  5. Blue done, only a few retouches .. I choose the green color .. Ready for green color..
  6. Thank you Landrotten Highlander. I have already ordered a lighter green, after the adjustment the sides would not be the same. Ondras Hips ready for blue ..
  7. I went green. When choosing colors, I tried to catch the shades of Vasa colors.. But the green is too dark after spraying.. I will have to order a light..😲
  8. Thank you very much Backer!! I'm starting with the diamonds on the front wall, I want to find out what they will look like .. Preparing for the green ..
  9. Thanks for the like.. Two days spraying colored strips..💣💥 Unmasked, a few places to repair, but satisfaction.. Now I have the most demanding belt with blue and green cubes waiting for me.. O.
  10. Greetings. I'm just starting an airbrush for a wooden model, I've studied model fibers, especially for plastic models, there's a lot of information. The finding is that it suits everyone and everyone recommends something different, it is important to buy and try and try until you get used to it. After a few experiments with acrylic paints, I am satisfied with the result, the brush never again .. Good luck!! Ondras
  11. I have already finished the white one, a lot of layers were needed for the dark wood. But the result is beyond my expectations..💥 Another question, on the German plan from the book "Risse von Schiffen des 16./17. Jahrhunderts " and on my Czech adaptation, is a different shape of geometric shapes. But the Czech one has a simpler square one, so I'll probably use it..😇
  12. Thank you very much and I really appreciate your words friends.. Knee of the head hips reinforced against twisting.. Made a spray box 1 meter wide from a paper box and discarded kitchen hoods .. After training outside the boat, I start spraying ..💣
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