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  1. Thank you very much Silverman. Thanks for the like! 😇 I have been thinking for a long time about finishing the connection of the front stem according to Witsen.. Replica of Barents' ship.. So I added it. The cuts were made with a 0.15 mm thick razor saw, and 0.09 mm black paper was placed.. Klinkbout will be added after grinding.. And now really a balcony..
  2. Thank you for like! Channels glued.. I created reinforcing knees. System ala marsalv...😇 The elbows will be reinforced with 0.5 mm pins. Finally wax..
  3. Thank you for like! Channels. I had to measure their width so that the ropes would not rub against the railing, because what is painted in the plan does not agree. Channels secured with steel pegs.. So far dry..
  4. Thank you for your input and thoughts. Building models according to plan or their historical accuracy is a dilemma that every builder must face. Fortunately, nowadays there are already enough quality plans. I waxed the railing, covered the part where there would be other equipment.. There really isn't room for a Pin Rail on the aft deck on this plan.. Preparation for channels..
  5. Well-meaning criticism is appropriate, from a person with your experience, Ab is beneficial. I know from the beginning that the plan of this ship is not good, the authors drew from more sources. The pins in the side railing of Dutch ships can be seen in the pictures, I found a debate on the Czech forum and there the most detailed picture of a Dutch warship - EENDRACHT from 1655 by van de Velde, he has pins in the railing. Another warship.. So the small possibility of placing them on warships was possible !? The Dutch double deck according
  6. I appreciate your words Hubacs and Oliver Finished railing of the poop deck.. Drilled all holes for pins in the side railing.. Can I have a question about Ab Hoving? I'm looking for information on other ties that are not on the plan. Can I use the inner railing as on other models? Or Pin Rail on the inside? What is historically more faithful? Thank you.
  7. That's great news, Abe. I'm really looking forward to this tour. I envy Peter that he has already started the construction of the Vitsen pinas !! 💣💥
  8. Thank you for like! So I finished the front deck railing.. At the stern are the finished pillar rails of the poop deck..
  9. I continue to install the railing posts. Some parts are drilled at an angle by tilting the boat with a stand .. And I created a sailor figure to measure the equipment..
  10. Greetings and thank you Radek. I won't find out on the plan sheets, everyone shows a different dimension ...⁉️ I made a compromise, 7 mm wide, which is 42 cm in fact, which could be .. 🙄
  11. Greetings Petr. I am very curious about your building !!! I also plan to ..💣💥 O.
  12. Thank you very much Hubacs Historian, I am very pleased with the praise from a person with a sense for detail. I created an upper mirror.. I draw the mooring places of the rigging in a low-quality plan. I used a plan from Ab Hoving's Zeehaen fluite..
  13. Thank you Tony The first part of the railing is finished, the system of sliding the hollow posts on the pins works.. Reinforced with long pins.. Further work, installation of the top mirror plate..
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