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  1. Your contribution will last a very, very long time. Not many of us will be able to say that. So be proud, as we are grateful, and soldier (sailor?) on
  2. It wasn't made for the space ... but it almost looks like it was!
  3. Wonderful, in its true sense - I can hear the hammering!!!
  4. I bought this kit as my next (2nd) inspired by this! Beautiful beautiful work
  5. You can almost hear the swoosh of the sea down the sides, and smell the salt Really nicely done - the sails look suitably taught
  6. Inspired by the far superior builds of riverboat, kiwiron and Dfell in particular, this was my first attempt at building a kit. I chose the Supply because I am English but have a strong affinity with Australia - having visited many times and lived there in 1999-2001. The 'first fleet' connection was irresistible therefore Almost everything on it is from the box and per the instructions. I added furled sails, a rudder chain, a caldercraft jolly boat, barrels, a chimney and a pump though (the latter almost certainly historically inappropriate) I tried to imagine the Sup
  7. Safe to say ... that's an inspiration! An unrealistic one for my first attempt at any model boat, but still ...
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