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  1. Hi Guys been a long time I have been struggling making mistakes stripping out said mistakes until I got to the point where I had to admit I could not guess any more so purchased a kit of the Bounty. When I saw what was in the box my suspicion that I had taken on more than I could manage was confirmed there is stuff in there that I would never have been able to make and would have had to make another guess as to what to buy. So I have suspended my original model and am now making the kit. I think I will get on better now. will update you on my progress later.
  2. the person I used to get it from has retired now so having trouble getting more have had to settle for the more grainy Walnut. I understand that it is African Walnut but cannot find it on Google so may be American black Walnut
  3. It has been too cold to go into my garage to work on my model but getting on with it now I have been helped by the build log of Jerry`s Admiral very informative thank you Jerry. Here are some pictures of my progress so far, once I have finished the planking I will copper plate it before I move onto the next part.
  4. I have started to make some planks I am using walnut which I understand looks similar to the treated oak that they would have used at the time. Just a few basic ones atm have fitted one strake around level with the deck and am getting ready to fit some more have them soaking prior to bending. should I start at the garboard or should i continue as I am. have included a few pictures of my current progress
  5. Hello again it has been a while since I last posted I have been busy following bakers advice filling in between the frames. I have used up up some spare bits of wood that I had lying around and had to teach myself to sharpen my tools to a silly sharpness (You Tube) as did not do the job as I wanted. still got some gaps to fill in with filler but got the basic shape now. If anyone has any advice I would be most gratefull as I am having to teach myself the necessary skills as I go along makes it frustrating at times when I do something wrong then have to go back and do it again but feel good when I get it wright. Here are some photos of my progress so far.
  6. Thank you for the advice Backer I have made another filler block in the next frame along and can see from that the shape of the bow is wrong easily fixed with a little sanding.
  7. I was wondering about that I will have to build the frames up a bit to bring them to correct shape had to do that on some other frames. still got a way to go until I plank the hull I think. I have been reading some of the tutorials on planking and realise that I will have to make my own planks from sheet. Will take time but time is what I have in spades. May have to buy some more tools do not think the wife will be to happy if I purchased a band saw though unless I can find an inexpensive one lol.
  8. It has been a while since I last posted this is due to the fact that I had to remove the deck twice as it did not look right to me. I am making some progress now as you can see from the images I have uploaded. I have started to block out the bow need to do a little more filling to get it right though not sure I have the shape quite right yet once I have the deck planking done I will start on the hull planking. I am thinking of planking twice this will give me the shape and I will be able to make corrections before the second planking I will use a similar technique to the way I have done the deck that is I will do the first layer with 4 mm by 2 mm strips then go over with 4 mm by 0.5 mm walnut strips. I have struggled a bit with this as it is my first build probably doing it all wrong as am using Amati plans but making all of the parts myself although will have to buy the metal parts for later in the build as do not have the skills to make them myself.
  9. so getting on slowly have been reading planking techniques for beginners. Should I assemble the bulkheads on the keel and then fit a temporary plank for bevelling and then bevel before I glue the bulkheads or should I glue first? The plans say that I should fit a temporary ? false deck and fit the fore and aft supports to the keel I think that bevelling would would be difficult or am I getting it wrong here is a picture of the for and aft keel supports before cutting out ( I have cut them out and working on shaping them at this stage)
  10. ok so here is my first attempt at a build log. I have made the false keel in the process of making the bulwarks ATM it is taking me sometime as this is my first scratch build so going slowly. I am not in a hurry as am retired. looking ahead I went online and purchased some pins and small screws am thinking of trying to make some planking screws. included some pictures need to take some more as I have nearly finished making the bulkheads just one more to do. then adjusting so that they fit square.
  11. Hi I am new to model ship building so have joined this group as I know I will have some problems as I go on. I am building a model of the HMS Bounty getting on ok atm but have only made the false keel and the bulwarks ( I think they are called ) it has been very therapeutic in this lock down period keeping my wife and I separate. I am finding the research to be fascinating the main problem is that the plans are all in Italian even though I have an English translation of the instructions I keep coming across text on the plans that have not been translated so having to google them. keep safe everyone and good luck in these troubled times. Alan S.
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