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  1. Hi George That's good to hear, and all is well! Good luck with your RS 1 hull, wether it be gloss or silk😊 Kind regards Carsten
  2. I used Andreas thread since he said it would be OK to post topics here relating to CA and RS 1, and yes, hope to launch mine next spring. Kind regards Carsten
  3. Hi George, I think that white gloss is right. Gloss makes sense to me since it is easier to maintain and keep clean than matt or silk like texrures. I serched the web for photos of "the real thing" and found some of RS1 and some vessels of similar types, see below. My model. RS 1 A similar but smaller CA type The paint I used.
  4. I wondered about the same thing, but I painted mine gloss white to improve the look and texture, To me the plastic texture does not look quite right.
  5. Hi Andreas If you like the colour below you can try Bisrot mellombrun matt lakk. In reality it is a bit darker than what's shown in the picture. Carsten
  6. Yes sailing together could be fun, Sandefjord is not far away. My plan is also sea launch next summer, as now it is soon time for getting my somewhat bigger boat (22 feet) ready for sea. Could be nice to meet when things are a bit more back to normal. Carsten
  7. Hi Sundt. I am just building the RS-1 from a similar old Billing kit myself. In these corona times progress is picking up, but have generally been slow , started in Nov. 18 Status now is finished hull, remote control, deck houses/hatches, masts and booms. We could perhaps exhange experiences if convenient. I supply a link to a ppt building log you can look at if interested: https://cloud.elkjop.no/s/2061711a437d95546ce961935eb299f5107 Best regards Carsten Husøy, Tønsberg
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