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  1. Thanks for the detailed reply Lou. I also had the thought that the Armed Virginia Sloop was a perfect smuggler type. I appreciate the work you did providing links to all those kits. I'll check them out and report back. Perhaps you could provide insight into what modifications (if any) could be made to a ship to make it more conducive to smuggler practices. Only relevant of course if it's external and thus apparent. Thanks, Sean
  2. Thanks Chris and Glenn, the Vanguard Alert looks like a good option! What kind of changes could be made to give it a "less of a British warship" look? Sean
  3. Thanks for the reply Mark, I'm very familiar with your build log of the Royal William and it's a major source of inspiration for me. I'm sure I'll be referring to it when I decide to start my model. I've checked Pete's detailed instructions and they look to be invaluable to the build. I agree with putting it off until I have at least one more model under my belt. Fortunately I have another project in mind that I want to complete first. On top of that I don't even think I have the physical space to start a project the size of the Royal William! What are people's thoughts on doing a project like that piecemeal until I have space? For example, constructing cannons, spars, deck furniture etc.? Sean
  4. Hey gang, I'm looking for a specific kit recommendation that will satisfy the request I've received for model that I plan to give to my dad. At the moment my only completed model is Model Shipways Armed Virginia Sloop. But I feel confident in my grasp of the techniques needed for that model and similar. I'm looking to pay back my dad in kind for many pieces of handmade furniture I've been gifted. I've offered to construct a model. His request is as follows: "A smuggler's boat, something sleek, not too big." I know many kits are based on real ships, often times military craft. Smuggler's ships are not usually the kind where plans are preserved. I'm not ready to scratch build a ship so a kit is key. To the chagrin of purists I'm not too strict about repurposing an existing real life ship or modifying one to suit my purposes. Any recommendations based on this requirement is very much welcome. Thanks Sean
  5. Hey gang, I purchased Euromodel's Royal William kit at a thrift shop at what I think is a bargain price. I'm not ready to build it but sometimes you just can't let a deal go! I'm just curious about the origins of the kit and the changes that have been made since it was first introduced and I'm hoping some members could shed some light on it. I'd also like know if the deal I got was therefore actually a deal. The kit is in opened condition but the contents have not been touched. All wood, fittings, blocks and rope remain in their sealed packages and boxes. Bulkheads are NOT laser cut. Dowels appear pre-tapered. I've heard tell that the metal fittings are considered sharper in old kits due to the casts being newer. I'm just interested in what might be new or different in a modern Royal William kit, as mine is obviously and older version. Sean
  6. Hello modelers, I've been lurking for a year but joined in May. I figured it's time to introduce myself. My name is Sean and since I've seen a fair amount of representation from Southern Ontario I felt comfortable to pull up a chair. My journey on your fine site began after a received Model Shipways Armed Virginia Sloop kit as a Christmas gift 3 years ago. After assembling the bulkheads on the keel and massacring the rabbet I concluded that I was hardly prepared for this hobby. Months of research, build log scouring and Bob Hunt's practicum had me back in the driver's seat and I've loved every minute of the build, even the "tedious" bits. I restarted in April and finished last month. I owe a lot to the invaluable information I've learned from MSW's members. Prior to my first model ship my only modeling experience has been hastily assembled plastic cars as a child, Lego, and more recently miniatures for use in board games. I'm not sure of my next model but I recently stumbled upon Euromodel's Royal William kit at a thrift shop. I bought it immediately but it is almost certainly beyond my skill level right now. Therefore I have two questions: What would be the most appropriate forum to ask for recommendations for my next project? What would be the most appropriate forum to ask questions about how old my Euromodel Royal William is? Thanks everyone. Take care, be safe. Sean
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