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  1. HI Samson, Its Malcolm making the BB Cutty Sark. Can I ask your advice. I have just struggled to put the brass hand winch together and see you also made one. What did you do to fix it, do you solder or glue - if glue, what glue do you use? Is it Superglue or something a little more forgiving? I've included a couple of pics to show some progress, although I am in the final stages of constructing the two main cabins. Malcolm
  2. HI Samson. Thanks for replying so prompt. That is a pretty smart way of powering the lights. That has led to me thinking on and if I may suggest a possible improvement which will work if the ship sits on the bottom of the stand. Replace the screw with the shell of a 'pop rivet' head. If you take the pin out then you are left with a connector in which you can solder the wire which will then come out the bottom of the stand and can disappear through the display case base. A dangerous flaw if you use LEDs, I spotted, is that if you put the ship back on the stand the wrong way round
  3. HI Sampson, Thanks for the log. I am in the same position as you were when you started on the Cutty Sark. I purchased a kit that was started but never got past the planking and no deck buildings. So I have been reading your log with interest. I am sold on the idea of opening up the hatches and putting lights in the decks and cabins but I will use LEDs. i have also found a wireless toggle switch that will solve the problem of switching them on and off when it is in a display case. I was wondering giving all the rigging and sails etc where you plan to store the bat
  4. Hi Peter, Just like you I have purchased a Cutty Sark, the same model as you and part built. Unlike you I am not a master modeller so I will be following your progress with great interest - I have learned a lot already. i have a few questions if you would would be so kind to spare me the time, 1. Where did you get your Accessory Kit 1080 from - I'm in the UK 2. You cleverly pegged the planking after pinning - what did you use for these very fine pegs? 3. I am planning on tapering the planks, which I don't think is part of the instructions and
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