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  1. Hmmm, and I thought they specialized in latex...
  2. Hi Allan. Fantastic work on your masts! They look like the real deal! I came across this youtube video which you have probably seen, but maybe not. I really enjoyed watching it. Not the best quality but the ending is kinda fun!
  3. Don't ever try and remove a wasp's nest using a tiger torch under your roof eaves, like my neighbour did years ago... Bye-bye roof... Peter
  4. Thanks for the words of encouragement guys. Now that there is some colour on the model, it really starts coming together. I just realized that there needs to be some white trim added to the hull and some decoration. I will start prepping that while I finish the decks. So much to think about and plan. Kinda fun really. Peter
  5. Here is the latest snapshot of Cutty Sark in my shipyard. The hull is finished and the rudder is hung. Now it's time to concentrate on getting the decks finished and the pinrails attached along with the caprails.
  6. I used the Zinsser sanding sealer to prep the hull and get it nice and smooth. That took several coats, but with this scale of hull I wanted it perfectly smooth. Then several coats of Humbrol enamel paint were applied by brush. Finally the copper plates were applied to the hull. I picked up the copper tape from a shop that specializes in stained glass supplies. The roll of 3/8" tape is 36 yards and cost me about 20 bucks Cdn. That process was a bit of trial and error, plus more errors and some more trialling. But finally I had them all on to my satisfaction, Good from far, but far from perfect. Anyway, here are some pics of the process...
  7. Well, things have been progressing in the ole shipyard. I worked on a bunch of the fittings for the foc'sle deck including the bowsprit so that I can eventually finish the decks and put the foc'sle in place. Once those little jobs were done I could start work on finishing the hull.
  8. Hello Jens. Really nice work on your masts and yards. I especially like all the fittings you made. Where did you learn to make such detailed fittings? Peter
  9. Brilliant! Thanks for the great explanation and thanks to Chuck for the idea! I will try this on my next build as I find the "clinking" affect kinda troublesome. Too much sanding, if you know what I mean. Cheers, Peter
  10. Hi Mark, Would you point me to Chuck's method of bending planks. I did not see it in the planking tutorials. Cheers, Peter
  11. Great build log Vane! Lots of good photos and explanations. I'm getting some great ideas. Thanks! Peter
  12. Outstanding so far Mark. It's a pleasure to follow along on your build log. Lots of great hints and tips! Peter
  13. Great looking Cutty Sark David. Congratulations on a very fine model. She's a beaut. Time to celebrrate with a liquid Cutty Sark! Peter
  14. I took this picture from the Nieuw Amsterdam during our Panama Canal cruise while we were in San Diego last year. I'm glad to see this thread up again and hopefully we can get more nautically themed photos shown. Peter
  15. Hi Rick, Yes, I have that book as well. And it was a great read. Modern day editors would have a field day though, cleaning up his very dated references to people of colour.... That said he is a great writer who captures the times of sailormen and their ships. I have a number of his books including the Nitrate Clippers, the China Clippers and both volumes of The Last of the Windjammers. They were recently for sale at an antique/book shop in my area. I have been enjoying them ever since. Peter

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