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  1. Congratulations Vince on a magnificent model. She's beautiful. Time to splice the ole mainbrace! Peter
  2. Hi Dave, Great work on your Cutty Sark so far. I'll follow along and poach as many ideas as I can!😁 Happy building! Peter
  3. Hi Marc, Just catching up on your Cutty Sark log. It's very impressive and I am rather envious of how far along you are. My rigging jobs are beyond the horizon... Anyway, just wanted to say how good your rigging looks so far. And the whole model too. Great work. Peter
  4. After those short planks were applied I could then fit the transom around the stern. The first thing I had to do was make a template which would would wrap around the stern. I found a piece of stiff paper and attached it to the area to be covered. Then I traced the area above the poop deck and under the counter with a permanent marker. When that was cut out I could then trace the shape on a piece of ply with the same thickness as the hull planking. I made sure the piece was oversize so that I could sand it to size once it was glued on the hull. The piece was then bent using the trusty plank bender tool I have. It took a bit of trial and error (two pieces were cut and shaped before I got it right) and then with generous amounts pf glue and a few clamps the piece was set in place. Once the glue cured I placed some dowels as insurance. The the piece was sanded to fit and Bob's your uncle... Here are some happy snaps of the process...
  5. Thanks for asking Popeye, as a matter of fact there is! I have been preocupied with summer and some post retirement work, but managed to sneak in a few hours over the last couple of weeks. Just thought I would share some photos of the progress. The area around the stern is what needed doing next after the majority of the hull planking was applied. I wanted to do this area before completing the gunwales. The length of each plank on the hull allowed me to reach from the bow to the last bulkhead. So I decided to do this and leave the stern for a separate planking application. It seemed to me it would waste less wood and I could decide on a solution of applying a severe bend around the stern. I am aware of other builders installing vertical plank(ettes) around the transom and I thought I might end up doing the same. But in the end I decided to to things a bit differently as you will see by the pictures. The first step was to apply some planking under the counter of the stren so that the transom would cover the ends. Here are a few photos of that process...
  6. For me it's Radio Paradise. They are an listener supported internet radio station that I listen to on my SONOS system. Commercial free and great listening all day, every day. Peter
  7. I just found the answer to my question! I click on the "change image background" and when I right click on an image that is listed, I can then "view image background". Now excuse me while I give myself a little pat on the back... Peter
  8. I'm just wondering whether it's possible to view the background image in its entirety. The new painting looks pretty neat and it would be nice to give it a good look. But with the postings on top I can't see the whole image. Is there a way to do so? Peter
  9. Eighteen! Wow, that's incredible. I hope you don't run out of models you want to build. Your build logs are great learning tools for the rest of us. Peter
  10. Hi John, What I like to use is a sanding block to bevel the edges of the bulkheads. I take on two frames at a time and sand in both directions. Check the bevel at each frame with a short length of plank that covers 3 or 4 bulkheads and make sure the plank makes complete contact with the edges of the bulkheads. The sanding block I use is made by Xacto. I love it and have used it for many years for all kinds of sanding work. I use 80 or 100 grit sandpaper for this particular job. A dust mask is also a good idea... Good luck. I hope this helped. Peter
  11. Great job so far Mark. These 3 masted ships with all their rigging are not for the faint of heart. The nice thing about this stage of the build is that it's easy to see some progress each day. But whatever you do, don't try to envision the whole stage... Peter
  12. Thanks Caroline. I haven't seen you around for a while. Glad you're back! Peter
  13. Hi Popeye, The distributer in Richmond B.C. is P.M Hansen. Here's the link: https://pmhansen.esamco.com/ I have ordered from them a couple of times and they gave good service. Cheers, Peter
  14. The planking continues, but I just wanted to show off my new purchase. I happened to find this nugget by chance at my favorite bookshop in town and had to bring it home. It is published by the Royal Museums Greenich and Adlard Coles. It includes information on the history of the tea trade, construction methods during the time Cutty Sark was built, its time under the Red Ensign and Portugese flag and even has Robert Burns' poem, Tam O'Shanter. Lots of great photos, illustrations and drawings. A real gem! I can't believe I was lucky enough to find it. Now back to the hull planking...
  15. Hi Popeye, Yes, it's Obechi wood that I am using on the hull. Just like every other Billing kit I have done. Keeping with tradition...🙂 I purhased a couple of bundles from a Billing distributer over in Richmond, near Vancouver a while back, knowing that the "mahogany" supplied with this older kit would not be suitable as it was pretty dried out and brittle. I also have an ancient Danmark kit that will get the same treatment one day. Yes, the fitting kit was a great find, but I hope the shop survives. There's nothing like going into a brick and mortar store and seeing for yourself what you want and need and inspecting it before you buy, just to be sure that it's right. Cheers, Peter

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