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  1. Hi Colin and welcome to the site. I just did a quick search and both Ages of Sail and Cornwall Model Boats have Cutty Sark fitting kits for sale and in stock. I would buy the kits complete as this option is cheaper and quicker in acquiring the parts you need. The list is pretty long... Good luck! Peter
  2. Thanks for the likes gentlemen. I forgot to post a few pic's of the boat conversions. I basically chopped of a portion of the stern to two of the Biliing F167 life boats and then glued on a transom converting a double ender to a squared transom boat. This to me was the easiest solution and now all the boats are to a more correct scale and configured correctly. Here are some photos of the conversion...
  3. Hi All. Well, it's been a while since any serious work has taken place on my model ship bench. I am happy to be back and have resumed work on my CS. I have finally dealt with the boats that are aboard the Cutty Sark. Two lifeboats and the gig and jolly boat. The kit came with three plastic boats and I realize that they are a serious no-no to some builders. I am not one of those however, and with a coat or two of paint they look way better than anything I could cobble together. The kit came with 3 boats all described as lifeboats. They were F167 (good) and F405 (not good) it being way
  4. Hi Martin. Welcome to the site! Billing is not known for their detailed instructions. They do provide decent full size drawings which you could use to come up with a build strategy. This site has a bunch of tutorials dealing with planking and so forth. There are a number of build logs on the site which you can study which are as good or better than instructions which come with most kits. I have one on the go. And feel free to ask the builders with build logs questions on issues you may be dealing with. Good luck with your Cutty Sark. Or Shark in your case...😀
  5. What a beautiful model Alan! Thanks for posting those great shots. Very inspirational! Peter
  6. Hi Al, Hope the recovery is pretty much over and you're able to put both wings back to work. Your rigging plans of the Danmark are fantastic. Should you decide to sell copies, I for one would be happy to purchase a set. Ideally a set at 1:75 would allow me to get my head (and eyes) around the complexity of the ship's rig. Cheers, Peter
  7. Hello Jan, Sorry for the late reply, but I have been absent from the site for some months. As for "stepping the mast", I think I attached the bottom supports of the mast to the mast itself and then used tiny dowels to glue the mast supports to the deck. It's not too secure as you can imagine, but the standing rigging is what will secure everything properly. Jan (Amateur) is correct when he states that mast hoops are not normally used on Dutch sailing vessels. But I had the mast hoops on hand and they are easier to bend the sail to the mast. Easy way out, that's me... Now
  8. Congratulations on your very fine looking Bellona. I was following along and you had a very interesting build log. I like the fact that you kept with the all natural wood finish. it really shows off your craftsmanship. Cheers, Peter
  9. I'd like to plug Oxford Companion to the Seas. Lots of wonderfull info in alphabetical order no less! It covers a broad range of topics and should answer all your queries. The book is widely available on the internet at a very respectable price. Cheers, Peter
  10. Great model with really nice detailing. I like the colouring too! Peter
  11. Well, the railings are completed. It was a bit of a slog. The first coat of primer took 2 hours to apply to all the railings. Phew. That was a bit much, my neck and back told me. Thereafter I painted them in sections as they still wanted two coats of white. But now they're finished and I am pleased woth the results. Modelling will now take a back seat for a few months as summer is arriving and the outdoors and the yard call for some attention instead. I hope to putter with the ships boats during rainy days, whenever they happen. Cheers guys!
  12. Thanks for the tip guys. I'll try that in the future. I have an ancient Danmark kit that has a ton of railings as well. And thanks for looking in too! Peter
  13. Hi All, I have been busy in the shop of late due to the self isolation and making some progress. But boy, there is no rushing with a model ship so things are going slowly. I have been detailing some more of the main deck and added some fairleads and mooring bits here and there. I have also tackled the railings on the foc'sle and aft deck which went rather well considering. I tried my hand a soldering and it went so-so. In the end, I found that they didn't need it, and all is well seated without. I had intended to solder them so I could paint the railings off the model. But they loo
  14. Thanks for the spreadsheet Allan. When it becomes the Danmark's turn to appear on my bench, your rigging plan will come to good use! Cheers, Peter
  15. Hi Keith, Your model is looking fantastic! Have you been able to use all the Billing fittings or have you had to resort to buying third party fittings? Having built a few of their kits myself, I have made due with what they supply but sometimes resort to poaching bits and pieces from other kits I have that are still in the box. I am tempted to purchase the Billing Victory myself. Your model makes it very tempting... Cheers, Peter
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