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  1. Hi David, She looks fantastic! The black hull and copper bottom are real eye catchers! The white strakes are a very nice touch too. Peter
  2. Hi Allan, Wow, what a great model so far! She looks super. I have a very old Danmark kit which I have just started. However, the instructions are so old and basic that I have contacted Billing to get some full size drawings. I will be checking in on your build log from time to time and get some hints and tips. You have put the bar pretty high... Peter
  3. Hi Robin, After seeing the enlarged picture I recognized her as the sail training ship Cuauhtemoc, from Mexico. I was aboard her when she visited Victoria several years ago. I remember how immaculate she was when I visited her. Built in Spain in 1982. A lovely ship (barque really). Cheers, Peter
  4. Hi Robin, I'm going to guess it's the Danmark. My guess is based on the green boot topping on the hull. It looks like it is a ship rig but it's hard to tell from the small photo. Cheers, Peter
  5. Hi Robin, Greetings from the West Coast and welcome to this site. Your Bluenose looks fantastic! And thanks for the link to your build log in the other model boat website. Lots of great progress shots and build tips. I'm like you in that I wait until the fall to get back to work on my model. But that's proving difficult this year and I try to steal an hour here and there... I look forward to your next model boat log in the fall! Cheers, Peter p.s. What ship is that on your profile pic?
  6. Hi David, You are making great progress I see. Looking very neat and trim. Can't wait to reach this stage too! Cheers, Peter
  7. Hi Russ, Splicing the mainbrace is a traditional term in the British Navy for serving out an additional tot of rum or grog to the ship's crew as a reward for extra efforts in a number of difficult tasks aboard the ship. The mainbrace itself was a purchase attached to the main lower yard to brace it round to the wind, but probably has little to do with the saying beyond the fact that hauling on the main brace called for extra effort by the crew. I found the saying in the Oxford Companion to the Sea which is an excellent reference book with tons of interesting articles regarding seafaring history. Cheers, Peter
  8. Thanks for posting your Cutty Sark photos Oliver. I am currently building this model ship and they will help me with some of the detailing. Cheers, Peter p.s. The Cutty Sark never loaded curry...
  9. Hi Russ, Congratulations on the complettion of your Hermione! She is a beautiful piece of work. Although splicing the mainbrace is not compulsory when completing a model ship, it is recommended... Cheers, Peter
  10. Looking mighty fine David. I really like the contrast between the black and the copper. Gives her a real yacht-like appearance which is what the original owner was after. I'm following closely as I am now preparing my own hull for finishing. I'll have to give the coppering video that HOF mentioned a view too.... Peter
  11. Congratulations Vince on a magnificent model. She's beautiful. Time to splice the ole mainbrace! Peter
  12. Hi Dave, Great work on your Cutty Sark so far. I'll follow along and poach as many ideas as I can!😁 Happy building! Peter
  13. Hi Marc, Just catching up on your Cutty Sark log. It's very impressive and I am rather envious of how far along you are. My rigging jobs are beyond the horizon... Anyway, just wanted to say how good your rigging looks so far. And the whole model too. Great work. Peter
  14. After those short planks were applied I could then fit the transom around the stern. The first thing I had to do was make a template which would would wrap around the stern. I found a piece of stiff paper and attached it to the area to be covered. Then I traced the area above the poop deck and under the counter with a permanent marker. When that was cut out I could then trace the shape on a piece of ply with the same thickness as the hull planking. I made sure the piece was oversize so that I could sand it to size once it was glued on the hull. The piece was then bent using the trusty plank bender tool I have. It took a bit of trial and error (two pieces were cut and shaped before I got it right) and then with generous amounts pf glue and a few clamps the piece was set in place. Once the glue cured I placed some dowels as insurance. The the piece was sanded to fit and Bob's your uncle... Here are some happy snaps of the process...

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