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  1. Looks like she smoothed out really nicely! I agree with the thought process on the "wooden boat" look vs. fiberglass. Good to see some plank seams in my opinion. Coming together!
  2. Thanks Tom, and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! I will be following your progress on Spray - your model is looking really great.
  3. Unreal journey! No doubt some luck played into the successful completion of that trip - but more than that, a testament to Captain Slocum's knowledge of the sea and his vessel. As inspiring now, as it must have been then. I am currently reading the hard copy of "The Hard Way Around," and have "Sailing Alone" streaming audio from the Librivox archive (a good free resource for those who would like to listen to the story).
  4. Completed by Josh Williamson. Kit model by Bluejacket Shipcrafters, Inc. Model started on 9/24/20 and completed 11/24/20.
  5. Wrapped up on the Spray build last night. I am really happy with how it turned out, and I certainly learned a lot! I will be thinking about what the next model will be; but in the meantime, I'll be content to peruse the build logs to find another kit that is calling to me (I am seriously considering the Bluejacket "Mary Taylor" or "Revenue Cutter" for next)... Here are the final pics (my best attempt at a photo studio by using sheets and reading lamp with piece of paper diffuser).
  6. Got to sewing the jib sail the other day, and began the rigging for jib halyard and sheets: Hoisted the halyard, and temporarily fixed the line while sewing the "hanks." On these, just did two passes through and back, with a knot at the end. Followed up with the smallest dab of CA glue at the knot to hold fast. The sail, for some reason, had a shape in the opposite direction it was supposed to have (probably my error in forming it), so gave it a little roll and pinch: Shifted efforts to the base plate and mountin
  7. Thanks Nic. That's really good to know. I like the results otherwise that the gluey-water has on the sails, but not at the risk of forming mildew. Further, I'm not convinced that future models I do will include sails... a topic I am debating and reading up on in this forum.
  8. Getting caught up a bit on some progress throughout the last week and a half. I have lost track of where I am at in terms of "days spent" on this, but I suspect this update represents Days 21 through 23... or something like that. Anyways, started on the mainsail, and used same techniques as previously described when sewing the jib sail. Before starting the hoops, I soaked them in the blackening solution. The attachment of the hoops required a little bit of trial and error, but after a few tries affixing to the luff, I found a good method that seemed to work well. Th
  9. This looks really good Tom. Nice job working through the logic in the steering assembly rigging too. Also really liking the color combo you have for the individual components. 👌
  10. Hi Tom, I believe the two large cleats are for attachment at the main boom for the topping lift? At least that's where mine are now. I haven't decided yet on the jib clew rigging yet. I like Nic's suggestion to keep it simple (nothing like a simple bowline knot). I have also seen an image from the link below, that seems to show a block attached similar to what you are suggesting.
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