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  1. Unboxing day: For my second kit model, I chose the Revenue Cutter by Bluejacket Shipcrafters. Was really happy with the Spray model I chose prior, so I wanted to follow it up with something slightly more complex rigging-wise. No building today, just taking in the kit: Excited about this one!
  2. Tom - fantastic idea on the wire to give the sails some shape. I think that is a clean-looking method, and certainly easier than my "gluey slurry and shaped plywood" method. I may have to try this way for the next one. Good work as always, and Happy Holidays!
  3. Tom, Looking great. The Chartpak product does a really nice job of that waterline stripe... impressive. I'll need to look into that for having on hand for future models. You came up with a much more convincing gaff jaws than I could. I tried cutting the shape out several times, and kept splitting the basswood sheet. I'm sure their is a technique and/or tool that I am missing. Anyways, that looks very nice how that came together. Also really liking the eye band solution you came up with. I too found that the supplied eye bands were undersized for the
  4. Looks like she smoothed out really nicely! I agree with the thought process on the "wooden boat" look vs. fiberglass. Good to see some plank seams in my opinion. Coming together!
  5. Thanks Tom, and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! I will be following your progress on Spray - your model is looking really great.
  6. Unreal journey! No doubt some luck played into the successful completion of that trip - but more than that, a testament to Captain Slocum's knowledge of the sea and his vessel. As inspiring now, as it must have been then. I am currently reading the hard copy of "The Hard Way Around," and have "Sailing Alone" streaming audio from the Librivox archive (a good free resource for those who would like to listen to the story).
  7. Completed by Josh Williamson. Kit model by Bluejacket Shipcrafters, Inc. Model started on 9/24/20 and completed 11/24/20.
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