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  1. Sir, this is a beautiful and so interesting building log of a so beautiful model and ship! Excellent work perfect presented!
  2. Concering the meaning of "quarters" .. I found this interesting little summary: Source: https://www.dailywritingtips.com/the-many-meanings-of-quarter/ First idea: does McHenry mean with Quarters : "left and right" .. in the meaning of "west and east" .. but that´s may too thin soup.. Second idea: the therm "Quarter" seems in ships to be refered to the "sides of the stern". ... Well, why that? Why would the SIDE of the stern be a quarter? .. Maybe because this is the classical area where the officiers and captains had their "quarters", the
  3. Dear Ladies, Gentlemen, I have a question to the community. Since I am too far away and will not (at least not in next future) be able to examinate the beautiful Corné-Paintings.. So to everyone who had a chance to see them: Can you pls. tell me, if you look / had a look the real paintings: ARE THERE MORE THAN 2 PERSONS/FIGURES on that Corné-Stern visible? I know - there are 2 Paintings by Corné about that "siege of Tripolis": a wide one, painted in 1805 ordered and accepted by Cmd. Preble - who needed to show his action to the pubic since there was so much i
  4. 1. Constitution - Superfrigate of the many Faces - A tribute to the Basses Years ago I got this nice book by William Bass and his wife in which they describe their findings and their reconstruction of US Frigate Constitutions "Second Phase" as they called it. The years after launch and Quasi War with France - and before the War 1812 - the times of Preble and the Barbary War. Since I saw this beautiful book which was published privatly and therefor did not get the audience it deserves, I did fall in love with this beautiful ship! The Basse
  5. Very interesting discussion! Thanks for that, gentlemen. Does anyone know when that habbit to store the hammocks on the bulkwards top started? Are there any hints in texts, paintings or models? .. and if: especially for American Navy?
  6. In my humble opinion: the very best source with lowest chance for historical mistakes are all the books of Cmd. Tyrone Martin who was the ships commanding captain during her 1970ies refits and who started his own research. His books are based on decates of investigation and research. He regulary reworks his books and did eliminate previously done mistakes. "A most fortunate ship" being the best known and his bestseller. His other books had to be published in a less professional manner .. which is sad. They deserve a wider publicity! T. Martin was (is?)
  7. Ahoy there, whats up, doc? Last night I was re-reading this wonderful log... and tonight I re-checked my conversations I had with many experienced people... one of them Cmd Tyrone Martin who was so nice to share some lines. I forgot so much. But this here reminded me on your build, @Force9so I have to share it: [Quote] When at sea, the only anchors to be seen topside were the stream and sheet anchors stowed out board of hull near amidships. Both bower anchors were taken in (and usually broken down) for stowage on deck, often on the gun deck benath the boat towage. Th
  8. Ahooy there! What´s up, Doc? thrilling news from Constitutions Log lines - engravings of early US Frigate United States found - go and see: https://ussconstitutionmuseum.org/2016/06/14/federal-frigate-early-views-united-states/ Have fun! But as usually: engravings and paintings have to be "read" with care. They are no photos. Their purpose is not to show the "real" thing 100% accurate. As I pointed out in my comment I doubt that Thomas Clarke was able to see the ship in fully rigging before he had to finalize his edgeing. Also the 16 guns per side - not really realistic? On the
  9. Hey ho, this Looks really nice! .. I would like to know: how do you work with this "copper" you had? Did you have to scrap off what was on the wooden side above the water line? Or did you have to repaint over it? An idea: why not "covering" the black area behind the captains cabin with an additional grating .. the helmsman usually stand on a grating .. if you would just "enlarge" the existing one, you could cover this area.
  10. Those Pictures are really interesting. Especially the "name-board" on the left one. It seems to be a short "board" mounted on t-shaped steel work. This is helpful for me, since my "wrecked" e-bay-prize lost it´s name boards completley. And since they are bended in the front area a bit it would be hard to re-generate them. The "steel-work" is something which seems to be easier to imitate. Also interesting: the ugly "Nanny" .. Her painting is so ... I was learning that she lost her head and left arm in 19xx .. but it seems, the rest of her was original until she got a new one in
  11. Is this painting in post #110 referring to a giant monster wave CS experienced in real life? I was reading somewhere about the "fact", that she was one of the first reporting about freak waves. Does anybody know more about this story?
  12. Hey Rob, I am fully with you. THIS is the real adventure of those ships. Their capability to stand and sail in really heavy weather / sea ! That´s what catched my attention to those ships. Its another kind of "fight" .. without cannons .. but with the same daring and the same steel men .. A bit lake the whalers - which also caught my attention. Very much like your wafe!
  13. Hello Rob, what an interresting build - what a fantastic result you got. When I won the bidding for a wrecked Cutty Sark 1/96 weeks ago for cheap money I started my little research on the ship. Soon I found some pictures of the pity status of old Ferreira. And instandly there was the wish to rebuild the dismasted model I got in exactly THAT way. Today I reopend the box of the model I got via e-bay - what a desaster ! The former builder did finish the ship and then it must have been hit by something hard ! Every mast was broken, the hole rigging was one big pile of broken masts, spa
  14. Hallo Evan, I finally found the pages. Thanks. And there is the sketch which inspired you. Its on page 170. Edit: see last line (Compared with the British plans of USS President I think the hornlike thing is not visible.) in brackets is wrong ! see last line Edit-ende. Chappell states he has his point of view because of so many correspondence indicating the early use of the round headed rudder and that its in use since about 1801. He shows this horn in nearly all drawings. That its not visible in NMM plans is no prove that it wasn't there. Maybe this tiny detail was not of importan
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