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  1. Hi thanks for help i made my own now, worksgreat.
  2. Yes thats the one thanks .looking for uk stockist
  3. Hi , does any know a uk stockist of the model shipways block buster block sanding drum. Cornwall model boats out of stock. Or if anyone has one they wouls like to sell ? Thanks
  4. Hi, could i ask what you used as the waterline belt ? Thanks for your help
  5. Hi Ben, looking at your deck plan for HMS Snake. looking at following you measurements but 

    unsure where you are using as the datum line? please help. Thanks

  6. Hi, i have just received my kit of HMS Shark from Caldercraft and plan to follow your build log which is very good and detailed. Do yo have any earlier photos and info from the beginning of your build upto applying the copper tiles ? as this seems to be missing from your log. Thanks in advance Rgards phil5092
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