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  1. Thank you so much Joe! Keep in touch Hi Dave. Thank you, again.
  2. Thank you again Dave. I sent a relative question to Jim, I hope to help us. He finished gaff boom and gaff driver rigging so many days before...
  3. Hi Jim I'm facing a problem regarding gaff boom rigging (especially topping lift and its attachments). When you'll find your time please take a look at my build pages.. Did you place eyelets on the deck around the mizzen mast to fix the tackle of the boom topping lift or did you go as Petersson p.26 plan to the mizzen channels? Thank you.
  4. Hi Dave and thank you. No 19 it is supposed to be a pinrail and not a cleat. I dont know if a double line is needed for the boom lift (a line for each side pinrail No 19)... There are no plan details for eyebolts on the deck around the mizen mast..., only around the fore and the main mast I'm not sure whether Jason or Jim have finished gaff boom rigging to provide their relative experience..... Thanks again.
  5. Two photo-plans showing the same structure/fitting (gaff boom) with those same blocks (K), fixed to two apparently different positions A and B. I really don’t know which one is before or after the visit to the local pub of the plan creator… Anyway I’m again in need of your help. This is my main concern: rope-line indicated by “L” on the plan is a single or a double line having starboard and port side as its final attachments (Petterson, page 26, I think) ? I’m not sure whether nr “19” point/pin is located only starboard, I'm confused… Nevertheless what’s point indicated as “?” that is supposed to be the anchor point of the tackle for above named line “L”? Thank you so much in advance for your support.
  6. Ι have just finished the tackles for the fore-mast main stay and preventer stay. I left the middle mast cleat alone and belayed the other two cleats (named as No 2 and 4 by myshelf), I hope without next problems with the other lines.... The standing rigging of the basic masts of the ship is over. Now three last major sections left: 1) the bowsprit and its structures 2) the gaft boom etc and the relative stern structures rigging, and 3) the yards final “upload” and placement to the masts. What’s your recommendation on my next step to follow? Trying to keep myshelf all the time at the safe side of the building which from the above different stages should I follow? Thank you in advance Stergios PS: I really can not understand what kind of line/rope is that next to line "F". Is it a standing rigging line or something I can't make clear? Thanks again.
  7. Thank you guys. Now this is my personal point of view regarding the pinrail coils. I prefer to demonstrate my step by step method as I usually use to do showing a couple of consecutive pics just for the followers of the technique. I think these pics even in 90 clockwise degrees of unexpected uploading say much more than words and typing in general... Cheers.
  8. Thank you Jim. All the yards are ready to go so many days before... Im thinking to proceed with the standing rigging now. Bowsprit placement next "project" and finally the fixation of the yards to the masts. Best regards.
  9. Hi Jim, want to ask you, do you feel more secure with the yards placement as a final stage of the assembly? Nowdays I'm ending the standing rigging and having in front of me the bowsprit, running rigging and the yards, looking to proceed with the best next section. Any recommendation? All the best.
  10. Hi guys, right now a couple of pics from my recent step by step progress. Just finished the backstays and I'm ready to proceed with the fastening of the lines to the belaying pins and the respective rope coils. I feel that section as a more secure step before I turn to the bowstrip, the running rigging and the final yards assembly. Thank you.
  11. Thank you for your detailed comment. Cheers Stergios

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