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  1. Hey Phil! I used a 1x1 strip of walnut then after glued on I sanded it to .5mm.
  2. Hi Ben, looking at your deck plan for HMS Snake. looking at following you measurements but 

    unsure where you are using as the datum line? please help. Thanks

  3. The deck replacement arrived safely. The lasering is nice and sharp, also it's nice and pale. All of the ribs are in and the deck has been glued. It's almost Time for the inner bulwark planks.
  4. The best colors from Aurifil for tan rope in my opinion are #2326 Sand #2325 Linen #5010 Beige #6010 Toast. I even purchased the color card from them. The #5011 rope beige is just a little too grey.
  5. The fore and aft assemblies were time consuming and a bit complicated. There is a lot of shaping to get right in the bow. The aft just had a lot of parts and I looked over the plans multiple times to make sure everything was right.
  6. Ratlines are looking good! The best way I've found for removing dust is using a dry paint brush and blowing the loose debris away. If you have some tough spots you can use a damp brush. It does the job and you can even do it after rigging if the brush is long enough.
  7. The kit rope was off color and shiny so I used my own made with Aurifil Thread. The kit was remarkably easy to make.
  8. welcome aboard WalrusGuy. This kit is flying together. Beveling bulkhead parts was a bit of a job and would have been easier with a Dremel tool. Finished the planking in one evening. No fuss, just one after the other. I must say that pre shaped planking is awesome to work with!
  9. Some observations The ply deck has some off focus laser etching, it's probably because it is warped. I bought the kit from Crafty Sailor, etsinko is sending a replacement deck in maple! Honestly the deck should have been shipped in a lighter color to begin with so it all worked out. The kit only came with one anchor stock. This piece doesn't match the plans so I guess they were making edits for efficiency and they missed a stock. Not a problem as there is enough material to easily scratch one more. One of the boards for planking has some noticeable g
  10. I decided to take a break from the HMS Snake and do something more straight forward with no kit bashing. I initially bought the Falconet kit 9th century Viking ship but I plowed through that in less than a month. I have been wanting to buy the Avos since it came out so I decided this would be a good time. By the time my Avos is done Chris Watton might have finished developing the HMS Sphinx and My Snake will never get finished. 😆 I just post a picture of the box for now, I don't plan on covering all the contents in the box as there is a thorough review buy James H.
  11. I'm gonna stop you right there, The rope police is here! I have a link to a video from Tom Lauria about making really nice belaying hanks. I also have a picture of some I made using this his method. I also have a picture I took of the Niagara that I used for reference. Your ship is one of my inspirations and I hope this helps! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgWHqw4Pg8Q&list=PLnXLeuhOqKhLCIrq2IsF78Qv0UUuQmdYU&index=1&t=1s
  12. I most definitely agree. It comes out beautifully with oil or wipe on Polly. It's very flexible and resistant to chipping/cracking and generally a pleasure to work with.
  13. Hey Mike, Take a closer look at the planking pictures and you will see I left the stern post off until the end of 2nd planking. The stern area should be sanded to about 3mm so that when you add both sides of 2nd planking you should get 5mm total thickness. Sand down the second planking and dry fit the stern post until you see that it fits. My stern area still has a bit of drop in it even with all that effort. Hope this helps.
  14. Aurifil is expensive but looks pretty good. Limited colors in 80wt though. here are some of my Aurifil samples. It looks better and behaves well when treated with watered down white pva.
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