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  1. For glue application to the tiles I would squeeze out some glue onto a piece of masking tape on my desk and use a toothpick to add 3 small dabs to the back of the tile and apply the tile by hand. I found gloves or tweezers to be a difficult so I used my bear hands, Once you get the right amount of glue on each tile you shouldn't worry about gluing your hand to the ship. Hope this helps.
  2. The Caldercraft Tiles can be glued on easily with Thick CA glue, I used the Gorilla glue with the green top from Home Depot. I did a light coat of water based polyurethane on the hull before applying the tiles. If you are really unsure about it, do some off hull testing with some scraps. The closest thing to a mentor on this site is to look at other peoples builds (In your case Victory builds) and see what they have done. You would be surprised what you would learn from others triumphs and mistakes.
  3. Crafty Sailor has a range of rope made from synthetics that look pretty good. A lot of us started making our own rope. Ether make your own Ropewalk or get Chucks rope rocket. It's quite fun to experiment with various threads and see what you can make. I'm sure more people will come forward with products to sell in the future. I've made some good looking rope out of Aurifil thread and my even sell it in the future. Anyone on here know how to make a website?
  4. Thank you! I really need to get a better camera to show the details. Then I need to make or find a website to sell the rope.
  5. The hull has been oiled and the rails installed. The pear wood turned out pretty dark but I like it.
  6. Tom, I would love to know what you know. I'm currently in the design stage for my 4th ropewalk that can do up to four-stranded rope hawser and cable. I have no idea how to go about making cored ropes however. Bill, sorry for hijacking you're post
  7. The rope that is now being sold on Crafty Sailor look's pretty good. I would like to start selling my cotton rope in the near future and there will probably me more people to fill the gap where Chuck's Syren rope was. Bill, the rope you got looks a bit like the stuff you find in kits.
  8. I've been trying to make decent looking ropes and have experimented with many colors. That tared rope archnav/Tom made is amazing. Using real Tar on linen... My hat's off to you sir. Bill show us some closeups of the rope you got. From the looks of it that may be a little to light colored. Here is a picture of my best efforts of rope making so far. The colors are close I think. The lighting is throwing off the colors a bit.
  9. Yes the Talyho! I've been watching these guys remaking this ship. It's incredible and makes me want to work on a full size project like that one day.
  10. The cases from the these guy's are fully customizable in size https://www.acrylicjob.com/. I have one and plan to get more from them when some of my ships are done.
  11. This is gonna be interesting! From your build record this is probably going to be a two month build maybe less 😂
  12. The counter is not fitting so well, It's ok at the wales though. I'm still working on it but it's not going to be pretty 👎
  13. Sanded the hull with 220 then 400 grit may do 600 grit after oiling. Also added the wales... which curled the moment I put pva on them, good thing the hot iron sorted that out.
  14. WOW... This is going to be an incredible kit, no doubt about it. This prototype is just the throw away model... 😂
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