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  1. Hello, I thank everyone that has ordered rope from my site. I hope you all like it and can't wait to see it show up in some build logs. I've been busy working on making cable laid rope for the past few weeks. So far I've managed to make them range from 1.25mm - 2.1mm in diameter. Reaching 3mm is the goal eventually. According to my calculations, a 1/64 HMS Victory would need an anchor cable that large. The pictures below are of the 2.1mm cables. I hope to have them all available online by next week.
  2. Chuck's blocks and rope are the best out there. Master Korabel also makes decent blocks that are a little more budget friendly. They can be bought from Vanguard Models or Crafty sailor. Crafty sailor also has some really nice rope from Russia. Buying or building a ropewalk and making your own rope is the cheapest option in the long run. It's also pretty fun to make! I also sell rope on Ropes of Scale. I'm still working on my product line so the options at the moment are limited.
  3. CA/crazy glue is the fastest method that I've used and had no problems. Some kits give copper tape that needs to have details added.
  4. It never does. I found that Chucks method works even for walnut. This method helps immensely with bow planking. You bend the planks laterally then clamp them. Take a blow dryer to them for 2-3 minutes and they keep there shape.
  5. This is going to be another masterpiece from you. The photo's look really good. What lighting are you using in your photos? Soft box, LEDs, A bare bulb on a stick?
  6. Judging from your lady nelson you will be fine. I looked at the Manual for Sphinx and it's 146 pages of really good instructions. I feel like very few people will abandon this kit mid way through.
  7. You are doing great Mike, You are going to get over the finish line before me that's for sure.
  8. Looking amazing as always. Ratlines really are a tedious thing to do on a model. 1270 knots... James man are your eye's still working?
  9. Those blocks look really nice. Is it possible to round the sheave more with the laser?
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