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  1. The rigging is what should be holding up the yards and orienting them so don't worry to much. Looking good by the way!
  2. I've got a trick for crappy old pin-vice drills. This one doesn't fit bits any smaller than .5mm anymore so I roll aluminum foil around the drill bit shafts. It seems to generate enough grip that I can drill into wood without the bit spinning in the chuck. Here is a .3mm bit being sleeved up.
  3. Head stock start and end point really is important for consistency. I have measurements on my both ends of my rope walk tracks. It helps to know when to stop the tailstock without constantly checking the rope for how laid up it is. Now I want to start counting the rotations. Might get some interesting results.
  4. A picture of said tool would help greatly.
  5. I made my own banner/Logo with the help of Microsoft paint and a bit of magic from a photoshop editor called GIMP. I think it's decent given that it wasn't professionally made. What do you guys think?
  6. Do you mean coils or rope hanks? Do you really think people would buy that?
  7. I don't know why this kit doesn't come with letters for the stern or even a stencil. I purchased the letters from Cornwall model boats. They are Amati's 6mm brass photoetch letters. I think they only deck fittings left to do are the shot racks and the ladders for the platforms. Nothing is glued in yet, Not until the rest of the various holes have been drilled. The masts and yards are under construction. I'm going to be rigging the Snake with the right option. The middle is a good option as well. I was going to add the left color to my production line but it looks a little off in my opinion. I may add it later if people want something a little darker.
  8. Welcome to Model Ship World. The Sherbourne is a really good place to start.
  9. That price is justifiable considering the amount of parts and that it looks incredible. Looks like you need a second laser cuter.
  10. THE DAY HAS ARIVED! Your kits are top notch and I have no doubt you made the right decision. Looking forward to your future developments! (HMS Indefatigable please!)
  11. I can help make inventory. My ropewalk is very similar to yours and can to 3 or 4 strands. I don't mind helping the competition as we are all friends here. I'm still going to open my second rate rope store. 😆
  12. As far as I know polyester only sags over time and isn't highly affected by moisture. The baking is to "set" the rope so it doesn't unravel. Another problem with polyester is the shiny texture.
  13. I'm going to be selling rope very soon. I'm hoping to open by the end of the month, Possibly early July. I'll be on the sponsors list. Synthetics tend to do this unless you bake it afterward. My rope does not unravel like this. When you cut it with a sharp blade it will go through a rigging block without unraveling. Ease of use was one of my main concerns along with color and texture.
  14. Welcome back. I remember enjoying your Bounty build.
  15. I am quite excited really. I'm making about 20-30 ropes a day now to build up an inventory. I plan on adding cable-laid ropes after opening and should have sizes from .8mm to 3mm. I think having a large variety of colors and sizes is key. I think the running rigging colors I have are a bit lighter than what Chuck had. I will be adding a light brown running rigging to the inventory eventually, That one will probably be close to what he had. The dark brown standing rigging is probably darker than his was but I like it. For standing rigging, I will be adding dark grey and possibly a medium brown later on. These ropes are made with 100% Mako Cotton. I plan on adding synthetics to my inventory eventually.
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