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  1. Overlapping might be the way to go. I didn't with my Caldercraft plates and the gaps got filled with copper polish. The polish I used turned slightly green. No cloth seemed to get it out.
  2. I just received some of Chris Wattons binnacles. They are really detailed for their size. I guess that's what you get when you buy a state of the art laser cuter. Both sizes could work but I think I'll have room for the 1.64th one. Honestly an 18 gun sloop of war probably wouldn't have one of these but it's going on anyway!
  3. Carronades continued. I made some .95mm rope for the guns and think I may move up to 1.10mm and see if that looks closer to scale. The length needs to be increased also as you can see it can't haul in very far. Fiddling with all these tiny parts makes me nervous about adding outhaul tackle. Made the Ships wheel and capstan as a break from the guns. The wheel may be changed out in the future if I can find a reasonable replacement. The parts came off the sheet all hairy and chipped but they turned out okay regardless
  4. The cost of making Royal George kits would be immense. 100 turned brass or resin Guns. boxwood planking for master version. Half a pallet of mdf only makes like 8 kits. Madness... I guess we should start saving
  5. Used a brush. I added 5 ml of water to the Caldercraft paint pot to thin it out and did 3 light coats. They came out almost like airbrush, If you get really close you can see a bit of brush marks.
  6. I upgraded my workstation once again. This time I got a new desk and some cheap Ikea lamps that can use 800 lumens bulbs. I now have more desk space than I know what to do with. So many hours have gone into prepping parts and painting for the Carronades. I can't even begin to imagine doing all the guns for a frigate or a ship of the line. Anyway I tried using a black deckblock to see If I liked the contrast or not, backed out of that pretty fast.
  7. The 20 or 32 gun would be the logical progression of your kit lineup. No reason you can't develop the razee down the road.
  8. I can't tell what ship the top three are but the Sphinx on the bottom looks like a 24 gun. It's the 1775 one right?
  9. I agree with Gary that you could do a vote for the next kit if your really divided one what to do next. So far I know you want to do the Bellona, Leopard, and the Indefatigable. I'm looking for a frigate for my next build and I would be willing to drop $800 on a good one.
  10. The 16 inch scroll saw is your best bet. I have one and I use it for so much more than model making. The other one has a rip fence and a miter gauge if you want to try that. I can't imagine they would be to terribly effective with this type of blade.
  11. Thinking about painting? I personally like the natural wood you have going on. The ships wheel that comes with these kits are kinda crappy and flat. The one you bought is better. I just ordered some wheels myself, got 2 sizes. Thinking about rigging already? You can get a lot done with just a few knots like a slip knot or even an overhand knot. The real game changer for me was learning how to make lashings, I'll link a video from a really old guy on YouTube.
  12. Chucks method does work. Clamp the strips then use a hair dryer instead of an iron and it wont get burned. This is how I did it and it worked really well.
  13. The Great Guns I'm working out the configuration for my Carronades. I've deviated from the kit a fair bit by adding eyelets for inhaul, outhaul, and taverse tackle. There is also the addition of the deck block and rings for the breach rope. The rope is .75mm and looks a bit small so I will make some 1mm and see where that goes. I may put the eyelets with the beach rope on the side instead of on top of the carriage. The 1.5mm wire given with the kit is to small for the Trunnion bracket which is 2mm in diameter. Add 2mm brass wire to basket... My Cornwallmodelboats order grows... Over all the guns are going to be an amalgamation of all the pictures and info I've been gathering. I will probably only rig the breach rope and the out haul tackle but it's nice to have the rest of the hardware add detail.

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