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  1. After working on the old Caldercraft kit you are going to find the Vangaurd kits just fall together. Laser cutting magic I tell you!
  2. If the belaying pin was made out of Lignum Vitae it would sink. It is the most dense wood, as far as I know. The pins on a ship are not held down by anything but gravity or by a rope if a line has been belayed to it. It's meant like this so you can pull the pin and all the rope drops to the deck. You can react quicker to what ever sailing task is needed.
  3. Yeah I was on your store and I just impulse bought the 9th century Slavic longship 1:72. It was too cool looking to pass up. The Avos, Phoenix, and the Polotsk are all equally enticing...
  4. I've been working on all the deck features. Nothing is glued in yet as there is a lot more work to be done. Next up is the fore and aft platforms.
  5. The chain plate loops are supposed to be closed. Using some wire and soldering your own is the best way to go about this. Soldering kits are pretty cheap, even a $30 kit can get this done easily. The Rudder looks good!
  6. Sorry to hear about the Cancer Shellback. I hope you are well. This is a decent kit but everything on it needs a lot of work. I would still recommend the kit but be prepared to put in 500-800 hours of work.
  7. Your excellent work makes me want to throw my Sherbourne in the rubbish bin...
  8. Overlapping might be the way to go. I didn't with my Caldercraft plates and the gaps got filled with copper polish. The polish I used turned slightly green. No cloth seemed to get it out.
  9. I just received some of Chris Wattons binnacles. They are really detailed for their size. I guess that's what you get when you buy a state of the art laser cuter. Both sizes could work but I think I'll have room for the 1.64th one. Honestly an 18 gun sloop of war probably wouldn't have one of these but it's going on anyway!
  10. Carronades continued. I made some .95mm rope for the guns and think I may move up to 1.10mm and see if that looks closer to scale. The length needs to be increased also as you can see it can't haul in very far. Fiddling with all these tiny parts makes me nervous about adding outhaul tackle. Made the Ships wheel and capstan as a break from the guns. The wheel may be changed out in the future if I can find a reasonable replacement. The parts came off the sheet all hairy and chipped but they turned out okay regardless
  11. The cost of making Royal George kits would be immense. 100 turned brass or resin Guns. boxwood planking for master version. Half a pallet of mdf only makes like 8 kits. Madness... I guess we should start saving
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