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  1. Nice, the Sakonnet daysailer is a pretty ship so will be following along your progress. Ruud
  2. Hi Bradley, yes from the looks of it I very much like the model shipway kits. However shipping and import duties to Spain will be a lot, though Cornwall model boats in UK do stock them so perhaps at some point in future I will get one. For now I am waiting for my Midwest kit to arrive from US, and the Mantua Capri kit from UK to get me started.
  3. Thank you all! I have seen a kit on ebay that looks appealing. Its the Capri from Mantua. Been looking here but seems there is no build log at all, so must be something a bit out of the ordinary I guess. Anyway it seems a not to complicated built and the ship really talks to me. It was cheap, so I ordered it. So now have 2 ships on my way to Spain, one from UK and one from US. Patience! Ruud
  4. adding to this, I just notice I live 22 mins / 17km away from where Occre is located! Sweet, when the restrictions on CV19 ease, I will try and visit them. Ruud
  5. Thank you for the warm welcome and happy new year to all! Hoping my Midwest kit arrives pretty soon, and still looking around for a more complex build (maybe even RC). Meanwhile I am keeping myself busy reading a lot of build logs here! Ruud
  6. I will be following along this one, I have my eyes on this kit as well so curious to see how it is. Ruud
  7. Hello and thank you for having me here! My name is Ruud, 43 years old, Dutch and living close to Barcelona in Catalunya, Spain. Been living here for 5+ years and speak the language. I have been a modeler for as long as I can remember, the last years mainly focussing on RC cars and have built around 15 of them. In the past I did do quite a bit of plastic modeling and about 20 years ago I tried my hand at a Billing Boats kit with disastrous effects (it ended up in the fire place - lack of understanding, tools and perseverance plus the whole instructions didn't make any se
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