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  1. Gregory's post in Ramin wood vs. basswood was marked as the answer   
    Here is the bender I use for long planks.
    The soaking is not to soften the wood, it's to better transfer the heat when applied.
    In my method, after the plank is completely dried after heating, letting it sit in the jig till it cools, it will stay bent when you remove it.
    In your example you can bend both ends...  The jig doesn't have to match your bend perfectly.  In fact, a little over bending will cause it to grip the bulkheads when you glue it up.
    You can see how one could adapt the principle to different jigs with pegs and such.  The key is to heat the wood while it is bent, and keep it bent while it cools.
  2. Gregory's post in Pictures in wrong order was marked as the answer   
    I don't know if this will help anyone, I have got in the habit of just opening a folder  nearby where my pictures reside and just dragging and dropping my images to the current cursor position, rather than choosing and uploading pictures.  Here is a little video that shows how I created the post that follows.

    Posting images.mp4  

    Then I drag another after moving my cursor to a new line...

    And another..  

    Now I continue typing my text and pictures are where I want them to be..
    I can also go to the " Uploaded images " area and click on the trash can if I want to delete an image..
    If I put an image in the wrong place, or want a different image, I just delete it with the trash can.  Put my cursor where I want the new image, and drag the image to the cursor position.
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