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  1. Can't find much information on the company status and their kit pricing. Wish they would show larger size detailed pictures of their kit on their website (currently very few and small in size). it seems they are working on a first rate Spanish ship of the line. (Principe de Asturias) and a " glorious ship" -looks like a 74 gun ship. https://www.disarmodel.com/nivel-5/31-navio-principe-de-asturias-8436552884201.html https://www.disarmodel.com/nivel-5/30-navio-glorioso-8436552884195.html Can't wait to see when those kits will be available and h
  2. Added the outer/top level rower support beams. Looks to be reasonable & logical enough. It resembles a bit of life boat type bracing (which adds hull structure integrity & strength). Not looking forward to cut all those needed little rower seats.
  3. The Olympias'outer/top level rower's seat arrangement pictures can be found on this website. http://www.ww2wrecks.com/portfolio/olympias-a-2500-years-old-ancient-greek-trireme/ Below are few pictures from the website clearly showed those seats are parallel to and within the hull. In addition, some showed the oars and the rail system they rested on.
  4. It seems the Duesk's kit plan and build instruction for the top deck (a straight rectangle) is to ease the construction process for the model maker. However, I don't think this will result in a realistic trireme model. The build plan would have some of the top tier rowers actually sitting outside of the hull (see highlighted area). The stern upper deck would also protrude too far out of the hull if built as the plan/instruction indicated; this would be a huge liability for a war ship uses ramming as the primary weapon. There is a customer model built pictures from Mr. Cryn
  5. Just follow the enclosed drawings closely (especially TABLE A drawing - has most of the overall information) if you are not sure about the exact dimensions for the component or their placement. Match the parts/components against table A.
  6. Yeah.. life is unpredictable... Wife gotten very sick ... everything is on hold. I will try to restart the build later this summer.
  7. Do you know by chance if the company is going to release a De Zeven Provinciën model kit in the future ?
  8. I first brushed on a black base coat paint (Americana - DecoArt acrylic paint) over the card board ram. Once the black paint dried, a mixture of Ceramocat metalic14k gold acrylic paint #02604 with small amount of the black paint (which makes a nice bronze color) is brushed over the black base coat. The acrylic paint coats also strengthens the cardboard from absorbing moisture in the air. Both paints were bought at the local Michael's craft store. They should be readily available at any craft/paint stores.I I originally thought about using some type of soft sheet metal as well. Howeve
  9. Because of the small size of th ram and th slopping angle, it was impossible to make a single piece ram. The ram was constrcuted in mutiple pieces. The easiest material to make this turn out to be ----cereal box . The pieces were cut to size against the hull and glue together (make sure no glue touches the hull) . Once dried enough, removed from the hull and painted with bronze color paint. It looks realistic enought. This tririeme is unlikely to use it's ram in action anyway.
  10. Narrative will be uploaded later.....lots of works, modification, time and patience needed to make the ram. Guess what the ram in the picture is made of ?
  11. This kit's weakest area is the ram. The kit provided a nice metallic ram. However, the trireme's ram is more than just the frontal metallic ram casing that covered the foward portion of the massive ram structure. The construction of the ram is the hardest part of this kit. It was hard to get sufficient information to correctly scale the ram size as the kit's depriction of the ram is incorrect. The Olympias trireme gallery picture was used the refernce. for the scaled size estimate . The front portion plankw are rough, but they will not visible once the ramming casting is place over it.
  12. Did not have time to work much on the ship. text will be upoaded at a later time.
  13. Sanded the hull and tried to fit the ram support to the hull. First attempt defining the ram side support lambers proved too small. The second attempt ram support seems to be the appropiate sized for the ship (both ram attempt supports terminatesd on the same point on the of the center line ram outline).The plan provided a drawing detail of pre-built the mid level rowing deck and beams. The intend was to buit the row deck outside the hull, then drop the assembled row deck unit into the hull and glue it. However, unless you have a perfect hull build, there will be gaps between the pre-assem
  14. The hull planking is completed,..sort of,,, the stern will be a challenge. This was unavoidable in any case, as the kit supplied planks are not long enough to wrap around from bow to stern. Wish me luck to some how tie everything together to the stern that would look reasonable...LOL
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