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  1. Thankyou, I knew I had missed something out, please excuse the new boy! So just a little bit of progress, as I am still waiting on the stern gear and prop shafts to land. I’ve now got all of the stringers in place, and decided while I was at it although this is planned as a display only piece, I would create some room for any motors and radio gear in the event I change my mind in the future. The superstructure will be removable just in case. Everything is only dry fitted at the moment as well Before After
  2. This is my first scratch build so will be quite a learning curve. Having been involved with model planes, cars and boat for many years it has been a very long time since I last built anything, let alone a scratch build of this size, because of this I built a Billing Andrea Gail in 1:60 scale as a refresher first. I have actually had a set of plans for this vessel for the last 20 years but life somehow got in the way slightly. Harbour Defence Motor Launch (HDML) 1387 was built in 1943 by R.A Newman & Sons of Poole, Dorset in the United Kingdom one of 486 built during the years
  3. Hello there, I’m Kris from Portland, UK. I’m just getting back into model boats after a break of some 35 years. In past years I have also spent time on RC cars and planes as well, so not totally green, but need to catch up with advances in tools, adhesives added the like. I am just completing a Billing Boat Andrea Gail 1/60 scale just to refresh my mind, which has been a really helpful de-stressing tool in these strange times where I’ve been working from home for nearly a year now. My next build is just about to get going and will be a 1/24 scale HDML based on a Sarik vacuum forme
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