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  1. Hi I recently joined Model Ship World and have completed the hull of a Blue Jacket kit #105- Cape Cod Cat boat. I'm a little stuck on building the single and double blocks and rigging and how they are installed. Any pictures of completed Catboats would be very helpful(esp the rigging details) and much appreciated. Cheers! Steve
  2. I purchased this kit in the beginning of 2008 and it is my first attempt at model ship building. I love the ocean and boats and have often admired the model boats that I have seen displayed. I am comfortable with woodworking tools, but I found there is a lot to learn. I am grateful that this forum exists I worked diligently on the kit for the first 3+ months and was able to complete the hull. The construction for the most part went without incident, as I learned by reading, researching, doing, and sometimes re-doing. I do remember the challenge of bending some of the hull planking
  3. Here’s what I have so far. I’ll be working on my build log- I don’t know what that is-yet Thanks, everyone!
  4. Hello I am a first time model boat builder, and I selected a Cape Cod Catboat as my first project(Blue Jacket kit) I finished the Hull several years ago, and stalled when I started the rigging, sail, etc Any help would be greatly appreciated Steve
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