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  1. Tom, I grew up in Fergus Falls, MN and started sailing on Ottertail lake. Zorbas as at the end of the lake, there. Great beer. Di don't trust the food, but who goes to zorbas for a culinary tour? Small world. California is not on fire, sliding off the coast and is a balmy 70... so pretty good. Was in ND in September. Your state capital is amazing. I love your prairie and the sky.
  2. Hi all... I started sailing in Northern Minnesota and, due to the long winters, took up modeling my dreams. Hand crafted from 2x4s or any flotsam to float by, I got hooked. Back then, without the internet, I literally had no idea there were kits let alone experts or "hobbyists." Years later, living in Coronado, CA allowed me to sail nearly year round; it was then, 20+ years ago, that I built my first Dumas Lightning. My real-world sailing was done on Chrysler O'Days, Hobie Cats and Wayfarers. The Wayfarer is what I consider the British equivalent of an American Lightning. Hence, I had a
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