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  1. Started the planking and made the rookie mistake to try to force the planks to follow the bulkheads. Corrected this and now I follow the natural run of the planks. Do 1 plank on each side every day and bevel the bulkheads where needed. Slow process but I want to do it right. I will use fill blocks where needed.
  2. Thanks for your reply Mort. Still some work to do with the planking but now I know what to buy.
  3. Got the gunport patterns glued in place. Filled up the spaces between bow forward supports 40 - 42. Next up the first planking. I will visit some build logs to get more info about filling in some more areas between the bulkheads. Any advice will be appreciated.
  4. Soaked patterns 271 & 272 in water for 2 hours and bend them. Glued one pattern 270 in place and let it dry till tomorrow and then glue the other 270 in place. It takes time but I try to avoid errors. Lots of reading of other members build logs.
  5. Hello Hamilton, thanks for your response. I lined up the top gun ports pattern first and then pinned the 2 other patterns down. They all look good and free from the bulkheads. I build the Billings "Smit Rotterdam" and "Zwarte Zee", but the Victory is a different challenge. With a lot of patience and support from this forum I am sure I can do this.
  6. Hello, I am a new member and started to build the HMS Victory. Visited this site very often in the last month for building info and found a lot of great building logs. I had problems finding the right location for the top gunport pattern (270).
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