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  1. Hello mugje, You have done great job so far. The carvings you mentioned are available at this site : https://www.shipmodeling.ru/shop/modeli_korabley/dopolneniya/dekor-dlya-modeli-korablya-hms_AM1300-05-OS/ Kostas
  2. One more great model Thanasi. I like the detailing, the authentic paint scheme and the innovative ideas you incorporate in model's construction. Kostas
  3. According to recommendations posted in carving forums (e.g. The Carving Path Forum) two of the best U.S. carving tool makers are: 1. http://www.capeforge.com/ 2. http://www.drakeknives.com/ Kostas
  4. Very nice result Alistair. If you are intending to use a stern lantern, it's more convenient to drill the hole for the lantern's crank before finishing the stern casting. The figures in the middle are, according to NMM plans, 4 cherubs playing flute and in middle of them is the lantern's crank hole. (In the kit's plans there are only 2 cherubs). Kostas
  5. I'm using GRS QC half round gravers (0.2 & 0.4 mm). They are useful for carving very thin grooves e.g. pilaster reeds. Kostas
  6. For hard brass I have successfully used brass drills from the following link : http://www.fine-tools.com/messingbohrer.html Kostas
  7. Nils, I have nothing finished yet. But in the following links you can see some relief & figure wood carvings for the Fly kit : http://www.wettringer-modellbauforum.de/forum/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=40148&pageNo=5 http://shipmodeling.ru/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=1820&start=270 Kostas
  8. Janos I thank you once more for your help. I'm using too rotary diamond bits (ball head, cone head & cylindrical) with my Proxxon IB/E and a flexishaft and several Pfeil gauges. Your photos will help me to add some homemade hand tools to my collection. I hope that a combinated use of the above and of some jeweller's needle files will cover my needs. Thanks Kostas
  9. Thank you Mathew for your help. I hadn't thought to look in jewellery supplies. I made some search and I found that these gravers are available in really very small sizes (from 0.2 mm). Thank you Kostas
  10. Bob thank you very much for your great tutorial. Janos your photos are very helpful. I'm admiring your amazing work on Royal Caroline. It's very inspiring for me. Thank you all Kostas
  11. I'm trying to make some relief woodcarving for a model at 1:64 scale. For this scale even the smallest Dockyard gouges (1.5 mm) are rather large. The only really small gouge I have found is a 0.5 mm Pfeil V-gouge. As I remember, in MSW 1.0 had been posted photos of homemade micro woodcarving gouges made from hypodermic needles etc. Has anybody such photos ? Thanks, Kostas
  12. I'm also using Lie Nielsen planes : No 100 for shipmodelling and No 60 1/2 & No 4 for woodworking. They are all top quality tools. There is also a new smaller plane suitable for model making the L.N. No 101 (http://www.classichandtools.com/acatalog/Block_Planes.html) Kostas
  13. I have found 2 kit manufacturers making mouldings but I have not used these so far: http://www.bluejacketinc.com/fittings/wood3.htm (basswood) http://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/acatalog/caldercraft_decorative_strip.html (brass) Kostas
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