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  1. Not so good with the things myself either! Hope this works ......... Sotherby's site https://www.sothebys.com/en/buy/auction/2019/master-paintings-evening-sale/jan-abrahamsz-beerstraten-dutch-ships-at-anchor-in Fine Arts Museum - Boston https://collections.mfa.org/search/objects/*/Yacht of the Princes of Orange and Other Ships Cheers, Graham.
  2. Just found it! - on the museum's website, last page (7) of the 'Nautical' section. Similar stern view, but this time slightly to starboard.
  3. The Sotheby's catalogue notes say it was the Royal Yacht of William ll which was completed in 1647, athough originally intended for his father. The notes also mention another painting of the same vessel, by the same artist, that is now in the collection of the Boston Fine Art museum.
  4. This might help - there was an oil painting by Jan Abrahamsz. Beerstaten that has a vessel of that name as the central image, viewed from the stern, slighly to port. Sold by Sotheby's, N.Y. on the 29th January 2020. I can't attach an image, but it can be viewed in the auction catalogue, Lot 24.
  5. Hi, I have to give you some information about laser cutting machines - I could be wrong, and in many ways I hope I am and other members will correct any errors in my understanding of this subject. 'Laser cutters' are basically a speciaised form of printer. Instead of producing printed lines with ink on paper a laser beam is focused onto the material and 'vapourises' it. I have not come across one that isn't connected to a computer, or that doesn't need the components to be drawn up using some type of CAD software. There are some relatively inexpensive packages out there I'm sure
  6. Hi Dougal, You could try either Cornwall Model Boats or Mantua Models who are based in Windsor. Good luck! Graham.
  7. Thanks for that Popeye. The quality of the laser cutting on this kit is exceptional - in fact it really does push things to the limit with the fretwork pieces! I guess that the high quality ply the manufacturer uses has a significant impact too. The only de-lamination I had was with a couple edges on the seat backs after they had been soaked to make them more pliable but, as you say, easily fixed. Yes - those side edges were radiused. Basically if it's gold on that piece of roof base, it's been curved. With a painted model the charring is not an issue but I can see where if would definite
  8. The next stage is to tackle the decorative panels that adorn the the two columns either side and above the front entrance. The two vertical pieces are the thinnest ply I've ever come across. Once the base coat of blue paint had dried I resorted to a fine tipped gold paint fine liner pen for most of the Chinese symbols etc. using a sharpened cocktail stick to apply the most delicate details. These vertical panels wrap around the columns so I decided that they would be easier to fit if pre-curved a bit. To achieve this they were clamped in a grove cut in a scrap of
  9. Hi, Thank you for the 'likes', a genuinely appreciated encouragement to keep going ...... The next task is to fit the roof base. Looking at the photographs of the real example the additional extensions on the corners represent distinctive gold painted round section beams. I tried to adapt the hexagon's side square edges by rounding them off and shaping the beam ends to full rounds. This was then painted with the same darker grey paint that will be used on the roof tiles later, and the rounded edges painted gold, before the piece was glued into place.
  10. Hi, Having successfully uploaded my images to a downloading site (thanks again OC.) another problem arose - the laptop I'm now granted occasional access to is set up to block this method of accessing and downloading them! The Admiral, bless her, has now shown me an alternative bit of I.T. manipulation to get around this so this build log can now, hopefully, continue. The next stage is dealing with the six columns. Each has a laser engraved ring at the base. After opening the internal holes a bit to make them slide over the dowels they had the top edge radiused and the dec
  11. Thanks O.C - I'll have a go tomorrow when I get another chance to play on the Admiral's pc..... Graham.
  12. I have had an interest in Chinese architecture for many years, so when I came across James H's review of this kit I was keen to explore it further. The kit itself looked excellent value, but the cost of shipping was a bit of a surprise! When my two sons asked for suggestions for a suitable gift for Christmas this the one item at the top of the list. I came across a similar pavilion in Hong Kong several years ago .... and often see an even more similar structure at RHS Wisley in the UK, although not as ornate as the kit, with a different style top decoration and one
  13. Outstanding, and truly inspirational work as ever, Robert. Thank you for sharing the link about the bucket decals - that's definitely a route I shall be persuing! My own build continues well, but a little more slowly than yours. I have had to retire from a lifetime of teaching and one consequence has been the loss of access to a computer and subsequently my ability to add posts to my own build log. I can only visit this website using my phone which is hampering my contributions, especially with a fault that appeared after the most recent up-grade that causes the phone's operating s
  14. Guy, You might like to have a look at the adjustable height benches made by Emir. They call their range 'Varihi'. They come in a variety of styles including traditional square beech frames or steel tubing, and are adjusted with a mechanism they descibe as a hydraulic crank. When the school I taught at refurbished our five workshops we had some of these installed in every room to support students with a wide range of disabilities and needs. They are of good quality and proved to be a very successful solution. Graham.
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