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  1. You have an excellent eye for composition Nenad! Really really nice photographs! - Tim
  2. Marc - That is a beautiful job!! So when I send you the quantity for my brass belay pins, do you need an Autocad file or just a dimensioned drawing? 😉 - Tim
  3. Ed - Truly a treasure trove of information, technique, and craftsmanship! A masterpiece! Thank you for this! - Tim
  4. Thank you Marc - The Campbell I bought from the Cutty Sark's gift shop (online) was very rough. Not useless but as you say, copy of a copy (of a copy). This was a number of years before 2017 but after 2003. I will order another set. Thanks for mentioning the improved prints. - Tim PS feel free to make another set of your drawings and mail them to me 😉
  5. Gary, Very nice! I personally like the 'staining' of the wood around the hinges. Also think the knob looks fine the way it is. She is really coming together nicely. -Tim
  6. Hi Kevin - If you are looking at old photographs and they vary, it may be that the deck layout changed over her long career. I'm running into this issue with Cutty Sark. There were a number of major reconfigurations including a major one in 1885. Generally, I've seen, from aft forward, cockpit, companionway (accessed directly from cockpit), solon skylight, then mizzen mast. Then there was a break in the deck with freeing ports in the gunwales forward of the break. Forward of that was a capstan and then main hatch - I've seem this as covered with a grate in some cases, and solid cover in others. The version I built had a skylight forward of this, in other versions, no skylight. Then the mainmast. Forward of this was another companion way. In other times this may have been a booby hatch. I think the best thing is to choose a configuration you like and go with it. We want pictures! Good luck and enjoy. - Tim
  7. Stubborn? Yes!! But perhaps a better term: Perseverance! I looked it up in my dictionary and here is what I found:
  8. Very nice planking Nenad - while I am no where near working on my boats, this is the technique I will use. Please keep it going. We want to see more of your imagination at work. - Tim
  9. Hi TUEL - I recommend you follow Hamilton's log on truing and fairing the bulkheads. He was much more conscientious than I (my first build) and I'm sure it led to a much easier hull planking. The plans are crap! The pot metal parts are crap! The blocks are really crap! The supplied rope was crap. Syrian ship model company (syrenshipmodelcompany.com) has really good rope, blocks, and deadeyes. And with the extra materials you procured you should feel free to bash. You may want to look at the books I reference in my build - lots of drawings, paintings, and even some actual photographs. I can already tell by your observations that you will do a great job on this build. It is possible with this kit as a starting point. Hamilton's came out great, and he did sails (too scary for me). Good luck, I'll be looking in if that's OK. - Tim
  10. Hi Jens - Are you referring to the white iron rod? If so, I think that it is the lower topsail-yard crane. What's it for? Not sure. Unlike the mainsail yard, which has a chain to take most of the weight of the yard, the topsail yard doesn't have this. Perhaps the crane supports the weight of the topsail yard(?) The lower end looks to sit on the lower mast cheeks. Although I don't see how the yard would be allowed to swing (not tilt) round to the stays. - Tim
  11. Looking very nice! She's nice and big at 1/48. Will you plank hull or deck first?
  12. Paint on the inside?!? The wood is beautiful! - especially like the contrast light/dark mahogany. Interesting choice, mahogany is such an open grain/large pore wood, but it looks great! - Tim

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