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  1. Hello Alan. French naval cannons in the 18th century were so rigged. The thick (red marked) rope in picture 1 caught the recoil of the cannon with the mount. Mark commented that correctly. Thanks a lot for this. regards Karl
  2. Many thanks to everyone for the kind comments and likes. Small update. Production of the ropes and blocks. Karl
  3. Thanks to everyone for the kind comments and likes. Manufacture and assembly of the cannon barrel. Karl
  4. No, not a laser. All parts were made by hand by me. Only the carvings are prefabricated from China. Karl Google Translator
  5. Thanks to everyone for the kind comments and likes. Before equipping the 1st gun deck, I fitted the deck beams and knees of the 2nd gun deck and then dismantled them again. Karl
  6. Thanks to everyone for the kind comments and likes. Ballast stones, size and color of the stones changed. Additional storage barrels installed in the storage rooms. Karl
  7. Production of the storage barrels in the individual work steps. Although I didn't fill the entire storage room with it. The ballast stones should actually be a bit smaller and more rounded, but I didn't get them anywhere. Also works like that. Gerard Delacroix once wrote to me, Ballast stones were roughly the size of a walnut. Ballast stones were mixed thoroughly with grinding ground sa an adhesive, and filled up between the individual barrels. Karl
  8. Here is the link to the homepage of Ivan Trtanj. http://www.historische-schiffsmodelle.com Karl
  9. Hello Gaetan, in your photo does the ruder blade consist of four parts? Optical Ilusion? G. Delacroix wrote to me, only in three parts. Karl
  10. Hello Siggi, why the cannon-tulip in red? I haven't seen that anywhere else. Weshalb die Kanonen - Tulpe in Rot? Ich habe das sonst noch nirgendwo gesehen. regards Karl
  11. Hello and thanks to everyone for their kind comments. Orlop Deck, Dividing walls and pumps-shaft installed. I leave the shaft partly open to show the pumps and the cannonball shaft with its three diffrent calibres. First gun deck, partially planked to show the substructure. Next I will probably install the ballast stones and storage barrels. Karl
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