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  1. Hi Grant, thanks for the compliment. I will be getting the Longridge book soon. Hec
  2. This is an update of my hms Victory - mamoli. I used winsor & Newton acrylics, and Testor copper for the lower hull. I must have done four layers of copper paint. Initially, i tried giving it a slight sanding so the green would come out. I wasn't happy with it because it didn't look naturally 'algaeish'
  3. Thanks, hopeful. I would not have dared take on the Victory without this forum. Hec
  4. Hi Dave, i had some issues with the timber but i used them anyway. It was no worse than the timber supplied in my first build - HMS Bounty by Amati. In the Mamoli kit, the first planking was a type of soft wood, which sort of worked for me considering my inexperience. By the way, where do you order quality wood? Hec
  5. Hi Grant, thank you so much for your suggestions. Demonborger also hinted on the issue of cannons fitting under the poop deck. FORTUNATELY, i have not glued the poop deck yet! I have actually used the green strips on one side of the hull already, so might as well do it all throughout. If i am not happy with it, i think it should be easy to scrape. I have done so much bashing on the kit anyway, primarily because the translation issues and inadequate illustrations. The kit itself is good, but i think Mamoli should invest in better rendered plans with better English.. I was looking at "Anatomy of the Ship Victory by John McKay in Amazon but the price of $300 (used) held me back. I will consider Nepean Longridge for now. Thanks Grant! Hec
  6. I have not thought about the cannons yet but maybe i should. I think i will try the 5 mm adhesive copper tape. Thanks for the suggestions, Mr . Demonborger!
  7. I would like to share pics of my HMS Victory by Mamoli. The plans were crude so i spent more thinking planning and researching. Thanks to MSW. I still have to decide if i should use the 'green' strips as second planking below the water line, or use the copper plates from Model Expo.
  8. Hello, i would like to formally introduce myself to this forum. I am a naturalist teaching at a local university in Houston. I just stated building ship models driven by my curiosity of Manila galleons. This forum is one of greatest resource of me to learn more about the craft of model ship building. I just started building HMS Victory by Mamoli. Just like much of everything in life, it was not perfect but you just have to know those imperfections and simply get around it and find solutions....

  9. I got this Amati bounty kit from ebay.
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