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  1. Hi Diabolo0007, varnish will protect your painting job. If you varnish you will have to scratch off varnish and paint in areas where you glue on something. I see no problem as you always can touch up with paint and varnish at the spots where you screwed up visible surface.
  2. I know what quality optics is. I wear expensive glasses all my life. Normally I pay in $250-$300 range for my glasses. I assure you these acrylic lenses are the highest optical quality.
  3. Ha-ha. Spider with this speed building your model (13 years?) it’s not going to be soon you get to your beloved rope knots and rigging.
  4. I don’t understand why Donegan lenses are so expensive. I would have to pay over 100 Canadian dollars for just DA-4 version. I understand it’s real glass lenses but do I really care when I buy all focal length set for $17? If I ever scratch them I would just spend $17 again.
  5. Ok. I got these CAD $17 lens. It is exactly what I wanted. Have complete set of all focal length lenses (acrylic though of course). Got LED lights ( no batteries provided). I put them on and I really enjoyed it. Recommend to everyone.
  6. Well. DA-5 is not for my eye sight. I need ones with at least 10" to 12" focal length to be comfortable with. Set I ordered has all focal lengths available. I guess from 4" to 20". I will let everyone here know how I feel when I get my set.
  7. I read through this Donegan DA-5 review on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R2S5KLTX8XZIBX/ref=cm_cr_getr_d_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B0015IN8J6 I scratched my head and ordered myself this for CAD $17: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07DFSW9XP/ref=pe_3034960_233709270_TE_item_image
  8. In video you were referring to, they used some electric heating iron This iron is almost nowhere available. So please confirm what kind of heating iron you used, so you were happy so much with results.
  9. I recently acquired a partially built HMS VICTORY Wood Model Kit by Mamoli but the instruction / owner book is missing and wanted to know if there is anyway I can get a copy of this either from you or if you know where I can get one so I can complete this model.


    Best regards



  10. I do not see how a hand held saw whichever fancy frame it has can cost $160. Why is it so expensive?
  11. This saw pictured above is only for crude work to my opinion. Look at the size of teeth on the blade. Hopefully this would not matter much if you work on ships at very large scale.
  12. Nope. I am building this looking at real Victory pictures and creating my own design interpretations. I spend tremendous time thinking on how I am going to build this or that element. I try and discard lots of materials before I say it is good enough. I set my standards high looking at how masters of this hobby build their ships. This is my second build. First one was AL SAN Francisco II.

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