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  1. Hi - I'd suggest you watch the video linked on the first post at the link below... It both describes why the problem occurs, and if you want a solution, I've programmed an application to remove the problem. It's cost free and may be of help.
  2. Hi Dave, Sorry to hear you're having problems. Is it not saving any spreadsheets in excel? Or is it saving them, but not keeping a list of them for you to re-open them? I don't use the Chrome OS so I don't have any experience with it to help you, but perhaps someone here does. You may have more joy asking the forums that deal specifically with Chrome OS? https://support.google.com/chromebook/community?hl=en Hope you find the answer soon Rob
  3. I've finished making holes in the hull for the time being, so I masked off the deck and gave the bulwarks a coat of admiralty paints matt white. Then I made up and mounted the double blocks in the bulwarks using the smaller sheaves provided in the kit and the 0.5mm wire also provided. The holes were hand drilled very carefully with a 0.6mm pin-vice. They're not perfect, but I was worried I'd destroy the parts using a power drill. The blocks were assembled and a drop of superglue applied at each end to secure the pin in place. The blocks were glued in place with carpenter's glue. T
  4. You're very welcome Glad you've got an answer. These things can be very frustrating.
  5. Do you use the middle scroll wheel to scroll? Apparently a middle click in Chrome (i.e pressing the scroll wheel down) will open a new tab... I wonder whether you're inadvertently holding down the scroll wheel as you scroll (perhaps the spring that holds it up is weakening?). That might cause this behaviour as you scroll pass the images (which in modelshipworld are embedded with links). If that's the problem I'd expect it to do the same on a site such as https://news.bbc.co.uk as you scroll past the images for the news stories on the home page. If not, perhaps check you
  6. Yep, They look very similar to the Mantua ones on Cornwall Model Boat's site... https://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/acatalog/35050-Ships-Wheel-Boxwood-20mm-35050.html#SID=63
  7. Finally, I've had a good look through the fittings. And the majority are really really good. There was one item I felt let the side down a little, and that was the ship's wheel. Thankfully this is easily solved. A quick look on Cornwall model boats, and £2.98, and I had an 18mm ship's wheel in brass winging its way to me. I wasn't quite sure which size I'd need, so I ordered the 21mm one too, which as it turns out feels a little large... that was £3.10... And here are the results next to a 1:64 figure... (bearing in mind Stefano is 1:63, so for someone my height, the
  8. While I was working on all that, I also had my eyes on the superstructures, wondering how they would go together. So I quickly assembled the laser cut structural pieces. And I have to say they went together like a dream... If the superstructure ends feel like they won't fit, try them at the other ends... The lower edges matched up to the deck better than any kit I've built before. Really really nice! Part of my desire to put these together was because I wanted to start thinking about how these cabins would look. There's nothing at all wrong with the kit,
  9. Hi all, Some more progress. I've been cutting out the holes in the hull, some of which I haven't opened up to their full size, so that I can do that once the surrounds are glued in place and I know precisely where they are and what size they need to be. The openings for the double blocks were marked onto the hull, chain-drilled round the edge with my proxxon mini drill and a 0.5mm drill bit, and then cut out carefully with a sharp xacto #11. As I trimmed the wood, I checked the size against the blocks with a set of digi
  10. Hi, Just tracked down this build, and you've made fantastic progress in such a short time. Those rows of guns look really neat and it looks like you're making short work of the rigging. Hope you don't mind if I pull up a chair for the rest of the journey Rob
  11. That's a nice neat painting line you've got there between the black and the wood... I always have my heart in my mouth hoping I won't end up with my head in my hands doing those jobs! Supply's come on in leaps and bounds since I last checked in. Keep up the good work Rob
  12. She's coming along very nicely do keep posting. It's great to see your build coming together.
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