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  1. Hi Tim, Hope you don't mind me following along Fly really is a handsome ship, and I'm sure you'll do a great job. It doesn't feel like two minutes since I built my first wooden model ship, and yet somehow six years and four models have come and gone! I couldn't have done it without the support and encouragement of the guys on this forum, so if I can pay it back at all and help you out in any way, let me know! Rob
  2. Hi George. I've only used the 1:48 stanchions but I would imagine they scale... so the 1:48 ones have 22mm showing above the deck, so that would make the 1:72 ones 14.6mm? Do check they are even spacing... perhaps this link might be better https://fleetscale.com/store/gb/etched-fittings-/337-1-72nd-rn-3-bar-stanchion-set-etched-brass.html?search_query=stanchions+&results=25 Rob
  3. Hi. I've really enjoyed reading through your log - Your model is coming together brilliantly. Your mention of the lack of stanchions made me wonder whether the following might suit (1:72 rather than 1:75, but perhaps close enough?): https://fleetscale.com/store/gb/etched-fittings-/898-original-jrh-560-stanchions-x-200-172.html?search_query=stanchions+&results=25 (I have no connection with this company - I've just used them for fittings on models I've built in the past)
  4. Thanks Jason, and to everyone who's spurred this project on with likes and encouragement! The boats have taken a bit of a pause, but I do have a little progress to report. The mainmast ratlines are complete *he pauses to celebrate!* - given how much my arms were aching, I may need to move the model down a little (or get a taller chair!) before I get too much stuck into the topmast ratlines! I've also spent a fair bit of time putting all the fittings and detail onto the the yards, along with the rigging blocks. I'm about half way through, but the mo
  5. Through trial and error, I found that a brand new x-acto blade to gently carve away the excess was the best tool for me (taking off little by little) - sanding just caused tear out on one side or the other... But I didn't have nice new diamond files, so you may have a better experience. Something to watch out for... I think there were a few places that the gunports meant there was no support for the internal (and external?) planks in between the ports (they did not land on any of the frames) - you may want to check and support those places before you drill them out. I simply packed some s
  6. Those scrapers are really good. I've used them loads, and even cut my own profiles into them in between the existing ones when they aren't quite the profiles I've been looking for. Well done with the planking so far. Looking forward to seeing Pegasus come together! Rob
  7. Okay - I had the opportunity to make some real progress yesterday, so by midnight the yards were turned, and I'm beginning to pin them into position. I really love this part as the ship really begins to take her final form... The yards are just pinned in place, so are removable. I'll try and put as much of the rigging on before I fix them finally in place. I'm toying with the idea of putting on royals as well - they turn up in the AOTS book, and I have the longer topgallant masts up, so I might just take the plunge. Could be fun! I've also been messing abou
  8. Aah - now I looked more closely for them I found them right where you left them on the website. I'll revise my post above to note this. It's testament to your superb (and logical) design and laser-cutting that the construction was evident enough without the instructions, but yes, the instructions describe precisely the process I stumbled upon. I shall know to check the image icons more carefully next time Perhaps a specific link labelled instructions which opened that image would be helpful on the page? I'm so pleased with how the binnacle looks on the quarterdeck, and I noti
  9. Not much to show, but I am still here. Thanks to everyone for the likes. As always, an encouragement - especially when tying knots one after the other. Mainmast ratlines are complete. I plan to get some more yards done on the lathe now as a break from tying clove hitches! Happy building Rob
  10. It's definitely a stage worth taking your time over. It will save a whole heap of woe later if you get a smooth run for the planks to the bow.
  11. Well, the ratline tying continue apace, Foremast ratlines done, and the shrouds in place on the mainmast ready to rattle down... Nothing very exciting in terms of pictures... But I also had a nice parcel from Cornwall Model Boats containing the dowels I needed to get the yards done. So... Main yard and Fore main yard are begun. Here's my progress so far after an enjoyable hour with the lathe (just sat on top of the tops to get an idea of what they might look like). It's broken up the ratlines nicely Ready for the main mast now.
  12. I think this may be the first build log I've seen of Danmark - I remember years ago thinking that it would be rather wonderful to make this kit, but I never have... She's going to look even more splendid when done! Kits certainly have come on a lot since these were made. I made a Billings Blue Star 25 years ago or so (ABS hull), and the parts for the superstructure were all cut out by hand for that too - at least the lines seemed to be in the right place which was more than I could say for the next kit I built back then. Tedious, but perhaps that brings a greater sense of satisfaction whe
  13. Hi all, It's a few weeks since I last posted, and lots has happened in the shipyard. Fighting tops I wanted to finish off the fighting tops, so I could get shrouds in place, and start the (significant) job of the ratlines. That meant constructing the barrier at the back of the fighting tops. I was concerned that wood would be a little vulnerable in that position as I rigged the ship. Also, I suspected that the ship itself had metal posts, and not wooden uprights, so I ordered the smallest square brass cross-section I could fine, and set about soldering them
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