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  1. For planking the decorative platforms at the stern, I used the material provided by corel. Since these platforms were the beginning of the officer’s part of the ship, I marked the “border” to the oarsmen part by a half round strip on the top and a concave one at the bow side. Clark
  2. Thanks for the excellent description and the ideas you are putting in your model. I will probably copy some of them if you dont mind. Regarding the length of the ship, I had already a discussion with my my wife were to place it. Discussion is not ready. Again thanks for the detailed description. Clark
  3. Forecastle with upper platform is ready. I used mahogany planks to get a contrast to the gangway of the oarsman und the lilies ornament. Unfortunately, it also makes the sander dust more visible.
  4. Thanks also for the inspiration. Is the Coureur you are building, the one of CAF/Tom? I am thinking about the next project. Clark
  5. I read the build log of Gimo who built the Reale back in 2013. He showed a nice suggestion to pep up the stern (kings?) platform. I also thought about planking the stern platform and decided to put a compass symbol on it, remaining planking has to be done in a diagonal shape. Template was drawn using Power Point.
  6. The outer platform is now glued. I had a discussion with Frank some time ago about the holes in the platform. He drew my attention to the fact that the shroud chains are led through the holes. Shroud chains contacting wood are probably not doing well on the long run. Thus, I simulated an enforcement of the holes. The outmost fixation of the outer platform is covered by a small brown/white strip 1mm thick and a walnut strip on the top. I put small “pyramids” on the stern and bow ends to cover the different types of wood.
  7. When do you start with Coureur? I have noticed that you are currently working on other projects. Clark
  8. Hi Udo, glad to see that everthing was o.k. Via CAF Ad, I also got notice of the kit which seems to be very sophisticated. However, I was a bit puzzled by the CAF Webite which looked a bit semiprofessional. Nevertheless, the coureur is on my list. I am eager to read your report and critics. Clark
  9. Regarding the gun deck, I had to regard some points. First, I want to show the ship on trip and not in battle. Thus, the carriages have to be tightly fixed and everything has to be cleaned up. Unfortunately, I could not find a plan how to fix the carriages. Frank (fmodair) shows one in his blog from the fleur de Lis but I am not sure if the fixation shown really worked when the ship was on trip. I created a solution of how I would fix them if I were the 1st officer or anybody else responsible.
  10. Congrats. Did you even keep the music in mind (radio on the shelf?). Like Nils I am also wondering about heating, which might be a more severe problem in Germany despite climate change. Clark
  11. Frank, looks great (as expected). Regarding the center decking planks: I have browsed through the plans and have noticed that some rigging runs through the midway. Thus I decided to make the center planks immediately before starting the rigging when all the other stuff is mounted. Do you have any idea how to handle the rigging, when the midway is coverd by planks? Clark
  12. The footboards had to be glued overlapping on the benches. To get a 1mm overlapping, I made a small rectangle with 1 mm strip on it. Hope the pictures explains it.
  13. To arrange the benches, I wanted to use the template of the outer platform (named arbalester base by corel). However, the plywood pieces were very slovenly cut by corel. Thus I had to put some effort in sanding them or extending by gluing additional wood strips. May be it would have been much easier to make them new as Frank (fmodair) did. For arranging the benches in line with the outer platform I used a wood piece to keep the angle.
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