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  1. IIf you have enough money, you might want to buy a second device that runs on a rechargeable battery. The Dremel inserts can also be used with Proxxon. Conversely, only those with a thick shaft. Have fun Clark
  2. The "Krick" dregg anchors only had to be slightly deburred. Following von Mondfeld's description, galley anchors were fastened with a special stay. I put the ship aside for the time being, so the anchors are also in stock and will only be attached later. The next thing I want to do is the dinghy.
  3. Hi Frank, Not only are the anchors bent, but the right one has a depression on the lower blade arm. I ordered new ones from "Krick" (German specialist dealer), they arrived yesterday and look excellent. I had tried to make anchors myself on a previous ship, but it was not successful. How are you doing with the move? Ships secured? All the best Clark
  4. The main lateen yard is now fixed. The first fixation was again done with two small nails, countersunk in the yard. The ropes for the halyard were fixed before. As they pass through the centre aisle and are attached to the pins of the forecastle, they were mounted before the covering the centre aisle. As there are no sails attached, I fixed the yard slightly eased. Actually, I then wanted to continue with the anchors, but found that they were considerably bent and also inaccurately made. Another point that turns me away from Corel.
  5. Preordered two weeks ago, Sphinx arrived today. Chris, do you ever sleep? Thank you very, very much! Perfect. Clark
  6. Back at the shipyard after a long time. Our house (wood) was in need of an intensive refreshing and touching up, so the warm months were needed for that. The fore lateen yard is now fixed. I pondered for some time whether to show the sails and decided against it. The lateen sails are quite large and catch the eye. Reefed sails usually look rather fake, my attempts with paper etc. on the previous ships were not quite satisfactory. The attachment to the foremast was done with two small nails (unfortunately no photo taken), so that the rigging was then easier to attach. I partly deviated from the Corel plan with regard to the rigging and the belaying, as some things seemed illogical to me (conflict with the oars).
  7. Thank you very much for the quick reply. It is more than understandable that you want to be on the safe side. I will exercise patience then. Good luck and success to you and James with the wonderful model. Clark
  8. Good idea not to fix the guns, it will pay off at the latest when the shrouds are fixed, own experience. Clark
  9. Hi Frank, glad you are back. Looks great. You are right not to fix the pots at this stage. I had to remove the ones in my build since they as they trembled dangerously when the ship was moved. Clark
  10. Hi Michael, I am also following your blog. It is a different approach. I especially like that you show the sails secured. When I get to that point, I'll ask a few more questions on your blog. I assume, however, that you are then finished with your Reale. Continue to have fun Clark
  11. Main mast was prepared and fixed similarly to the foremast. A little bit surprising for me, backstays have to be fixed at the first chains/toggles (seen from the bow) when following the description of corel. I followed it. The fifth chains/toggles are still left free for the later attachment of the rack lines. Clark
  12. Sharpening works quite well when using the sandpaper tools delivered by proxxon. I got both needles and blades sharp enough . There is also a rotating sharpening stone available by proxxon I usually start with the blades. Clark
  13. Hi Dave, hi wefalk Using the vice of proxxon makes drilling and even sanding really easy but I would agree that fixing to the drilling table is a bit challenging in that you have to be sure to adjust it rectangular. I put a long strip (100cm) in the vice (MS4), adjusted the drilling table (KT70) rectangular to the edge of the work disk and measured and adjusted the deviation of the strip of the edge of the working disk. When no deviation was visible, screws were tightened. Clark
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