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Sanding bevels


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This is a very basic beginner's question. When I want to sand a narrow piece of wood (especially while making bevels) is there any technique (besides a steady hand) to maintain steady angle and flat surface on the sanded piece?

Thank you. 

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Not sure quite what you mean Joshua, but clamping the wood in a vice then wrapping your sandpaper around a wood block should allow you, with slow and steady passes, to achieve the angle you require. You could also consider scribing a line and sanding to that to ensure you get the desired angle.

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Hi Joshua.

When I have a LOT of bevels to do I make a jig out of some scrap softwood.

The scrap timber should be flat and wide.

Using a bench saw cut a slot in the scrap timber at the angle you want.

Then the timber you are sanding fits into the slot at the correct angle.

Now I pass it through my drum sander.

The result is perfect bevels on my timbers.


Regards Antony.

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