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HMS Golden Star by Spiff - Mantua - 1:150

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Now that I have reconstructed my Bounty Jolly boat buildlog, I will redo my Golden Star log.

I started building the Golden Star almost the same day I finished the jolly boat - getting hooked on this hobby  ;)

It was rather a random choice to build this model - it was basically what the store had in my budget that I thought I could build. It is very much built as a learning process before I start on some of the ships I really want to build - the Bounty being one of them. Especially with regards to planking and the rigging - after the jolly boat the rigging on the Golden Star looks rather daunting - but thats equal to a good challenge :)

And it certainly has been a learning process already - mainly with the planking (but then, at the time of writing, the planking is "all" I have done  ;) ).


Please feel free to comment or ask questions.


So time for some pictures:











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So. First little snag. As can be seen in the pictures above I made fille blocks and had made little cardboard templates to try and make sure the two sides would end up the same shape - but how do you know exactly what the right shape is?? My problem was that I ended up with some big indentations and had to put on two layers of first-layer-planking to make an even surface.




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Then I realized that my hull isnt completely straight!  :(

I basically havent figured out how to solve this this late in the building process and can only hope that it isnt really noticable when finished....


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To make the planking above the deck more stable and able to withstand handling during the coming second-planking I added some supports. Am very glad I did this as I think I could easily have broken or bent the planking otherwise.



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Then the fist planking was done and time for sanding. Did one side first and have a few pictures to show the difference. I had read about using sanding dust mixed with white glue as a filler, but this really didnt work! - it was waaayyy too thick. Think I had sanded with to coarse paper so the dust was relatively large, and didnt mix it with enough glue and water. Glad I tried this as I plan on doing the same with the second layer of planking, so now I know to use finer sandpaper and more water+glue.




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After seeing ..... have forgotten who and what ship it was .... a build log where he didnt just use long single planks along the hull but smalle planks more to scale I decided to alo try that out. So I planked it with strips 3 cm long = 4,5 meter in scale length. I have now realized that they could have been longer and shouldnt overlap the way I did it, but as stated; this is a learning process.

I am really looking forward to see how this looks. It has taken ages to build it this way, as it took several hours to lay one length of planinking, which could otherwise probably have been done in a few minutes! But then - this is all about the process and just having fun building, not doing it quickly!

So I drew lines at 1,5 cm intervals all along the hull so that I could overlap the plank-strips.

Also made a little cutting-jig to make 3cm strips.

Started by pinning a plank, and then used that as a guide for the strips.






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One thing I never understood - even after bying a book about model ship building and reading the begginers guide here on MSW - was how you know and plan when to use steelers and drop planks. I tried it and it somehow nearly always had the opposite effect of what I wanted! I would draw out my plan on the hull and then build accordingly.

However - finally - after seeing a build log (again cant remember the name and ship) and reading some of the other planking guides I think I am finally 'getting it'. You really have to plan it all from the start and use that excel-spredsheet found here on MSW. So now I know how to make my next model - I think! It still baffles me how you can know where the drop plank(s) will be and how many to put in. Also - how do you know how to lay the planks at the bow - the bottom planks easily go upwards at the bow but should they go all the way up or 'meet' planks laying horizontally at the midsection... Have tried to draw on some pictures to show what I mean.

But otherwise, a couple of pictures of my attempts at steelers and dropplanks (still havent quite learnt which are which).

Pleas feel free to comment and help out on some of these issues.






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Nice progress on your model.  Starts to really take shape.


A little suggestion.  You could get a cleaner result with your second planking by using full length or half length strips.  The advantages are that it is easier to have the whole length layin perfectly flat.  Second advantage is that there are always some slight differences in width among the strips, which makes it difficult to have a nice coverage with the plank just underneath.  When you apply the full length strip, it is easy afterwards to score the plank where you want the butt joint to be.


I just finished a quite difficult second planking and the few butt joints I had to include all had to be filed or filled.


Happy building.



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thanks for the suggestion - I see what you mean. One thing that I do hope to achieve by doing it this way though is that I mixed the strips so I should get slight variations in the colour of the wood, which you wont get if its just one long strip that you score. But I think I will judge when its finished if it was worth the effort ;-)

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Hello Spiff

Interesting experiment on second planking. I completely get what your going for with the grain/colour variation from the planks. I havent seen another planked like this and anxieous await seeing what she looks like after sanding. I've been amazed many time by logs of a ship that I think "that looks horrible" then the magic of sanding smooth made the caterpillar and butterfly.

When I finished planking the peterboro canoe I was apalled at the clinkering I'd gotten while laying the planks, but after the final 1000 grit sanding she's like glass. Just don't hold her up to the light :o but you dont have that problem.

Its good to be the guinea pig, most of the first ship builder were.


Shine On -/\=


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Thanks Dave and Keith

Keith - I like your canoe - really like the different woods in it.

So, here are the latest pictures, bringing this build log up to date, as this is where I am now. Must say that I like the look of it after sanding, and it should hopefully get even better when varnished.





















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  • 2 weeks later...

Moving along with the various planks on the outside of the hull and started on some of the deck fittings.

Had some problems with the guard strakes as they were so thick that they didnt really want to bend - despite soaking for several hours one of the strips split in both ends so had to use it despite a split, but Im hoping it wont be very noticable - there is a closeup in the first picture below.

Also, I am sure the instructions were wrong as they wanted the lowest strake to end much further up the hull at the rear (where my middle strake lies) which would require to bend it in a very 'unnatural' way - it really wouldnt follow the flow of the hull. So I found another build log of the Golden Star in here at MSW and noticed that he also hadnt followed the instructions. It looks straight the way it lies on the hull now, so I think that must be the correct way.




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  • 5 weeks later...

The hull is starting to look more like a ship  ;) because I have started getting various fittings on it. 

Put the gunports on - still lacking the two where I have to make a hole in the planking - both because I dread drilling through my planking, but mostly because I lent out my drill-bits to a friend. 

I used baking paper to make a template for the gunports - with this I can draw on the paper and see through it and thus use the same template on both sides of the ship.




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Did my fist bit of scratch building. Dont really like the windows that come with the kit but they are really small so just impossible (to me) to build exactly the same size. I used 1x1mm strips and used the kit window as a template and bent the strip on the outside of the window - so my window is larger than the kit. This really is the limit of how small I can build with wood - the small 'spokes' in the window were just so small that I couldnt do much with them and they were very hard to control - but I got them in.

At first I didnt really like the look of my window and didnt know if I should just use the kit window, but this was because I was looking at it too closely - when I put it (just dry-fit) on the model and stepped back a bit I think it looks ok.

Have just used some black paper cut from a newspaper behind the window. Was thinking of getting some black plastic - but maybe this simple solution will work just as well. Will have to think about what to use there.





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I dont update my log so often, so not much to loose track off :P

Thanks for the encouragement on my windows - my wife thought the same - but then shes biased  ;)

I havent varnished the hull yet - want to get most if not all of the deck fittings and such on and then varnish it, so I dont have the problem of clue not liking varnish. So guessing the varnish will make it a bit darker, but I dont inted to stain it

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Put in a lot of hours on the ship the last couple of days - but not much has been added to the ship yet - its all been little things yet to be glued on.

Made the stairs but not quite happy about the look of the wood between the steps (you can see that its different types of wood lying vertically) - left in the picture. So I added little strips in between to cover the vertical lines -right side picture. Not entirely happy with it, and thinking the best result might be to build my own stairs - just not sure Im up for that right now.


Also picture of the finished windows. I accidentially made two different types - one slightly higher than the other - so decided on keeping them and just making 4 of each and will place one type on the sides and one on the back. Also a picture of my testing of varnishing newspaper. Above the text its a waterbased matt varnish - but that turned all white. Below is a solvent based gloss varnish that turned out ok - so will be using that to add behind the windows.


Finally made a little stand for the barrels so they can be lashed down instead of just standing loose on the deck (still have to add the lashings).






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Got more done on some of the little things. Glued my windows to the varnished newspaper, finished anchors, stairs and barrels.

Also opened up the two gunports - was looking forward to see if the black strip of wood was in the correct place - behind the gunport. And it was! Made a test fit of the half-canon that will stick out there and it looks quite good I think. Wont install the gun till later though.

The two pinracks on the black posts (no idea of the nautical term) were too small for the premade holes in the deck, so have added thin little strips of wood on the bottom, and will then sand that down to get a tighter fit.









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