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The 'Alexandra Shackleton' At The ANMM

Jim Lad

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For those interested, here are a few photos of the 'Alexandra Shackleton' on display at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney.


The 'Alexandra Shackleton' in the replica of Shackleton's famous 'James Caird' that was used in the successful re-enactment of Shackleton's epic journey in 2013.


She is currently on display in support of the museum's exhibition 'Shackleton: Escape From Antarctica.'













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I too am fascinated by Shackelton's amazing feats of endurance. I purchased the reprint of his book 'South' as part of a Time Life Series - 'Classics of Exploration' many, many years ago. The story and the B/W photo's in this book are remarkable. I am very interested to hear that a kit of the 'Endurance' is coming out at the end of the year. Does anyone know who is producing it?



Current Build: - OcCre Shackleton’s Endurance. 


Completed Ship Builds:

                                     Caldercraft - HM Bark Endeavour. (in Gallery)

                                    Caldercraft  - HMAV Bounty (in Gallery)

                                     Caldercraft - HM Brig Supply (In Gallery)

                                     Aeropiccola - Golden Hind

                                                        - Constitution

                                     Clipper Seawitch (maker unknown - too long ago to remember!)

                                     Corel - Victory

                                     Modeller's Shipyard - A Schooner of Port Jackson - In Gallery

                                                                      - Brig `Perseverance' - In Gallery

                                                                      - Cutter `Mermaid'- In Gallery

                                                                      - Sirius Longboat (bashed) - In Gallery

                                                                      - Sloop Norfolk - In Gallery

                                      Completed Cannon:   - French 18th Century Naval Cannon

                                                                      - Napoleonic 12 pound field piece

                                                                      - English 18th Century Carronade

                                       Non Ship Builds - Sopwith Camel - Artesania Latina

                                                                   - Fokker DR1 - Artesania Latina


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